SAAB Of The Week

This weeks Saab Of The Week comes from jasonvt and is of his 2011 9-4X parked in a quiet area of Vermont. The 9-4X is one vehicle that still pains me to see because we never got them in Canada. A lot of Saab dealers were at one time connected with the Saturn brand and saw great success with the Saturn Vue and at our location we had many customers waiting for the arrival of the 9-4X to step up from their Vue’s. Jason, you have one exceptional looking vehicle and I am sure you get glances from drivers wondering just what it might be. Thanks for sharing and keep the pictures coming to [email protected].


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Saturn, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saab…..sigh :>(

hans h



Stunningly beautiful!

No 9

Had the pleasure of driving one at SOC11. Even though that type of vehicle is not my cup of tea, I was impressed by the overall feeling of the truck and the integrity of the design. Now, with a TTDI, perhaps I could have been convinced.

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