Saabs Towing, updated 2.

Do you tow with your Saab?
We are just about to head off for a couple of days and our trusty Saab will be taking our caravan to the hills of Wiltshire.

I’d love to hear from others if you use your Saab to tow and maybe pictures of you towing.

Send your pictures to me robin.kerry at and I will publish them for all to see.

Have a great weekend.


I want to thank all those who emailed me over the weekend with pictures of their Saabs towing.
Sadly I was so far into the hills that I could not get wifi or 3G so I had to wait until my return to let you all know.

I have published the full size pictures and others received at my flickr page.

New pictures arrive with me daily and are uploaded to flickr for your viewing, please take a look.
Thank you for all pictures sent in.


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35 thoughts on “Saabs Towing, updated 2.”

    • @Tim, I love to see photo’s of 9-5 SC’s as I have one too and think that they’re great… I couldn’t help noticing that your exhaust (tail pipe) looks different to mine, have you changed the stock exhaust for something else??

      Best regards,

        • Damn, that’s such a shame!! I’ve emailed Hirsch before and it would seem that the dual exhaust is no longer in production… still, there’s always Maptun I guess!!

            • Thanks Tim for the reassurance, I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while now but I know that I’d hate it if I got a nice new shiny exhaust that sounded rubbish and too loud.

              I don’t want to sound like a 20-something who’s just learned to drive and goes around the town with the music blaring and a big fat exhaust that you can hear from miles away!!!

              Just got to save up the pennies now!!

  1. My 1.8t SW tows a Sunncamp trailer tent as if it isn’t there, currently considering an upgrade to either an Eriba or a Dethleffs, both rare as hens teeth in the UK.

  2. Do the MY +06 really require a different hitch than the 99-05 or is it just the ball mount? I have an 07 and I’ve been looking at some hitches but the +06 are only class I rated and not class II like the 99-05 ones. I’ve read something about the bumper in the middle being different but wouldn’t that just be for the ball attachment? I have definitely used the roof racks and inside with the seats down to haul stuff and hopefully one day I will have a hitch to pull a trailer.

  3. I think I finally found my new car to replace my 07 9-5 Aero. Has anyone looked at the 2014 Mazda 6. The wagon looks great as well. What do you all think? Great looks and 4 cyl with 190 bhp 6 speed.

    • We have done many a mile towing our caravan with the 9-3SS Aero, but a few years back, I founded a website dedicated to the Bedford Bambi small campervan, and its variants, and was very much into these, popuar as an introduction to many into the world of camping.

      We obtained this particular one, we did have a few, which we restored to a very high standard. Here she is on arrival to storage before the process began, having been picked up after purchase. Of course, our then Anniversary took the load with ease.


    • Troy: That 2014 Mazda 6 is a beautiful vehicle. I don’t know if it will have the same interior volume as your 9-5, but probably comparable. I view Mazda as one of the spiritual successors to Saab—-you can also make a case for Subaru. There were a couple incarnations of Saab over the decades—-and in some ways, even KIA can be compared to the early Saab (the lower priced Kias in the line)—–value priced vehicles with surprisingly clever packaging. Saab moved upmarket—-and that’s where I see the Mazda/Subaru comparisons. Subaru, because they are small/independent and with some interesting engineering. Mazda, for the performance and driving satisfaction. Others say Volvo, because of the Swedish origin. Others say Audi/BMW because of the luxury brand connotation. It’s truly a shame that you don’t have a chance to buy a new Saab to replace your 9-5. And it’s truly a shame that on a great Saab website, we’re talking about “our next brand” to replace our Saabs—-you aren’t the first and you won’t be the last to bring it up. This my friend, is squarely on the shoulders of NEVS. Somebody needs to not so gently, wake them up from their slumber.

      • You are absolutely right. . . It is a nice car and it has gotten great reviews. My wifes 9-5 is getting a lot of miles and parts and reliability are becoming an issue. I really don’t want to get rid of it but eventually she is going to need a new car and the Mazda 6 looks like the best alternative to me.

        • Do they still make a Mazda6 Wagon in the states? I don’t see it available on the website. I thought they stopped that a few years ago. I considered one before I became a Saab person and I still think they look great when I see them around. They have found a good balance between the aggressive but stylish look without the huge front grille. It is disappointing that we are talking about what other brands to consider for replacing out Saabs in a few years since we have no announced date of when to realistically expect new Saabs in the show rooms.
          I don’t share many pictures outside of FB but I finally got this one somewhere I can share:

            • Oh, I saw pictures on the Mazda EU website. It is beautiful. They did an amazing job.Where did you find that it will be coming here? I found a Facebook page petitioning to Mazda to bring it to the states but no actual news article stating that. Actually I found that it probably won’t come here because of the CX-5 that has sold well already.

            • It’s a very nice wagon. I wonder how it compares, size-wise, to a 9-5 sport combi? I wonder if NEVS will make a wagon? Maybe they’ll update their website soon with some news. They do link to press reports but seem to decline adding their own updates to the site. Latest news is that they are saying MOST but not all supplier contracts are in order—-but without 100% suppliers on board to provide parts, they obviously can’t begin production. But it does sound as though they are getting close.

  4. SAAB’s are great for towing!
    Especially with a Hirsch Performance update.
    I have a 2006 9-3 Estate with the 1.8t engine.
    Originally it has 150 hp and 240 Nm, but with the Hirsch package 195hp and 300+Nm.
    Stays in topgear forever (automatic gearbox).

  5. I just love the picture of the black Saab towing what looks like a mini RV – exactly the reverse of what is common practice in North America. Priorities correct, in this case!

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