Swedish Car Day 2013


On Sunday 25 August 2013, Charles River Saab and Boston Volvo Village will present the fourteenth annual Swedish Car Day at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Massachusetts (just outside Boston).  One of the largest lawn events hosted at the Larz Anderson, over 200 Volvos and Saabs are expected of every vintage and will be displayed on the beautiful grounds of the museum.


Beyond the cars, which are always the stars at Swedish Car Day, there will be three additional attractions. Dean Shaw, Vice President of Corporate Communications for Volvo North America (and former Brand Strategy Manager at Volvo) will speak on a variety of Volvo topics, and has promised to share some secrets about the new safety systems and the hybrid power train in the next generation XC90. Next, Swedish Car Day welcomes Saab Parts North America President Tim Colbeck. Tim follows a number of other Saab presidents who have made appearances at Swedish Car Day over the years. Finally, an old friend of Swedish Car Day–Seth Wonkka–himself a multiple Saab and Volvo owner and former Village Auto Group employee who has attended many a Swedish Car Day, returns with his band to entertain the assembled.

As always, there will be judging of the displayed cars by attendees, a raffle with many prizes and the parts tents will be in full swing.

The official opening of the event is at 10am with and Swedish Car Day finishes at 2pm. However, the lawn will open to attendees starting at 8am (not before!). Admission is $20 per vehicle. Information regarding fees for walk-on attendance, address and so on is available at the Larz Anderon website. A registration form can be found at www.swedishcarday.com which can be printed and completed for presentation upon arrival (there is no online registration) to speed check-in. Updates on Swedish Car Day, plus many photos of prior events, can be found at the SCD Facebook page.

Volunteers willing to help with registration, traffic direction on the lawn and ballot counting are requested. If you’d be willing to help, or have questions about Swedish Car Day, please contact Pierre Belperron at [email protected]

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