The Saab Museum on Swedish TV

Tonight Swedish Television broadcasted a show about classic cars. One of the segments was a lovely presentation of the Saab Museum in Trollhättan and my favorite (and yours, I’m sure) museum curator Peter Bäckström.

Hopefully this is available outside Sweden. It works for Thilo so it should work for you.

The nicest car in the museum’s collection?

The really good stuff starts about 14 minutes and 8 seconds in. There are some other nice cars as well, but my wife could not be bothered to watch that now so we skipped over those parts.

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It is working outside Sweden, perfect, nice to see the Saab museum and old Saab 96.

Martin T16s

A fantastic video from start to finish! As a classic car fan this was great to watch.


Great video


I noticed a jet plane, Saab 35 Draken (the Dragon), hanging in the ceiling……nice touch
Didn´t see that at my visit at the museum a couple of years ago..

hans h

Wonderful. The two-stroke sound is amazing! 🙂


The video works but the audio is messed up. Most of them are talking in some weird language that I don’t understand…..


A great program even if I could not understand hardly a word, except for interviews with some Brits! I’m amazed at how many classic American cars were represented. One would be hard pressed to find a car show here in the U.S. with that many Mustangs in it!

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