Do you know everything about SAAB cars? (Update)

The guys at have a question for real SAAB fans.

What are you looking at?

Yes, it is an engine, but what engine?

The engine is the VM Motori V6 Diesel, internally known as A29DT, in the engine bay of a 9-5 II.

According to this car is now for sale in the Netherlands. For the ones that think about buying this car. You maybe could fined some spares for this engine at a Chrysler garage, but I can’t say if the version used by Chrysler is identical to the one that GM was willing to use, but paired with this engine is also a automatic transmission that Aisin developed specially for that Engine, and that GM never used for any other engine. The Transmission was able to cope with the 550Nm of the engine. For instance the strongest automatic gearbox used by Saab on the 9-5 NG, the AF40, was only able to cope with 450 Nm of torque.

An insider has told us that a first 9-4x prototype did exist with that engine.

Head-Up-Display and camera systems for all Saab drivers

Saab has been synonymous with HUD technology, on the aircraft division. Started in the late 1960 ies with a sight system for the Saab 35 Draken (Deagon) double delta winged interceptor. The technology has moved forward in the recent years and our friends at GM had HUD technology in the 2000 Corvette. Saab got the HUD as an option on the 2010 9-5 Sedan. I am blessed to have one of those unique cars and appreciate the HUD way of driving.

When I took out my 9-3 Convertible 2004 out of the garage in the spring I immediately noticed the convenience of the information sitting there in the line of sight. Speed, navigation etc. Garmin maker of navigation systems, who has sponsored the SaabsUnited Historic Rally team has provided a brand new Garmin HUD.

The regular laminated windscreen can NOT handle the illuminated information at all, remember the discussion of the windscreeens for replacement on the 9-5 Sedan. Th unit from Garmin is provided with an stick on plastic screen that is applied on the inside of the windscreen as well as a plastic device that snaps onto the unit at an 45 degree angle.

Another high-tech device that I have put into the car is a HD in car camera from the korean manufacturer FineVu. This camera cam connect to a GPS and the .avi movie file will get speed info time etc. superimposed near the bottom of the screen.

The system works will and opposing lane cars numberplates can easily be detected at 30 frames per second. When the car is parked a semi dormant mode takes pictures of moving objects. Perfect when someone scratches your Saab at Costco parking lot. The swedish distributor offers free shipment if if “SaabsUnited” is mentioned in the Promocode box. The owner of Bilkamera is a great Saab fan.

From a safety point of view please introduce one new system at a time for less mental workload. Always remember it is what is going on outside the car that is most important.

The Arctic NG 9-5 SportCombi (“The Phantom Saab”)

A rare beauty
A rare beauty
Anna and I spent the first week of August in Tromsø, Norway. It is a fantastic island to visit, especially in June/July when the sun never shuts down for the night. Yes, the rumors are true, they have their very own sun up there.

Aside from the usual family gatherings (my mum hails from this island) I had an ulterior motive this year. Tromsø also happens to be the home of one of the very few 2012 9-5 SportCombis ever made. #10 to be precise. Of course we had to pay our respects.

I met with two very enthusiastic brothers, the Østbø brothers, who ended up buying a 9-5 combi as well as a 9-4x during last winter’s auctions. They are second generation Saab aficionados and the older sibling has not one, nor two, but three Saabs. A 900, a Sonett and finally the 9-5SC.

A Swedish colleague tipped them off early on and preparations to buy the 9-5 started immediately. Harald was not a 100% certain he would be able to get the car road legal, but after

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Rust Proofing a Saab 9-5

Tuff-Kote DinolMany of us wonder what to do when there are no new Saabs to buy for the moment. A lot of the comments on SU concern replacement options.  I did my homework and came up with the conclusion – I don’t want to replace my car, I love it!

I bought my car 2010, just after the new year. Saab was already in a shaky situation and I wanted to buy a car which would last a long time even if Saab would not make it as a company. I got hold of a 9-5 Griffin Vector Sport. It is basically an Aero, but with the 210hp 2.3l Bio Ethanol engine. It was less than one year old and was previously driven by a shop floor manager at Saab in Trollhättan.

I can’t really find any car with good value for money which is fun to drive, beautiful, eco friendly and can fit my entire family.

So how do you keep your darling in good shape? I decided to give it some TLC in form of some good old rust proofing. I have already applied paint protection and this was the natural next step.

I decided to go with Dintrol or Dinol as it is also called, after recommendations from a relative who has been in the business. Dinotrol is a rugged product with a deep penetration effect. The next step was to find a good workshop. There are several players in this field in the vicinity of Gothenburg where I live. I made my decision after talking to Ulf, a proper Saab nut like myself. Ulf has been a Saab mechanic since 1980 and has worked with Saab until he bought Protec. He has one 9-5 Aero and beautiful 9-3 convertible. This is a man who knows what he is talking about when it comes to Saab. Ulf promised that I could come by to document the different steps and that I could share the experience with the readers of SU.

The Tuff-Kote Dinol treatment is a thorough procedure which takes three days to complete.

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Is the Saab fan NEVS worst enemy?

Today I’ve joined a Volvo-Saab event in Hamburg. It was nice to see both brands on a nice location, as the whole thing has taken place in a petrol station of the ’50s.


My car was by far the newest of all cars that I’ve seen there, but this is not what made me angry, or should I say sad?

Many times I’ve read on the net, that people like more this or that Saab model, or that some people think that only certain Saab models are true Saab cars. But this is on the net. In real life people was always more or less open to anything Saab, best example for that are the different international meetings I’ve joined in the last years. In those meetings you could see two-strokers side by side to a 9-5 II and nobody said anything wrong about the other.

But the sentence I’ve heard today, from somebody that is rather active in the german Saab world made me sad, and I don’t understand why he said that. For him the real Saab is dead, the true Saab spirit is only alive in the Saab young-timers that you can see on the streets, and if NEVS produce any cars it would only be some Chinese crap.

Maybe he is misinformed, or maybe I misunderstood him, but this is the first time a sentence of a Saab fan has forced me to write a post about it, so something was in that sentence.

NEVS still has to show us their version of Saab, shouldn’t we all wait till NEVS shows the world their vision of a Saab car and then judge them?

I really don’t understand those guys that glorify a certain Saab model and criticise anything different. Sorry, but this is my way of thinking about it. It makes me feel good every time I see something with a Saab badge on it, and because the cars with a Saab badge can be so different, I always search for the special feature of that model and not the flaws.

Tom Donney’s Saab Sonett at Bonneville Nationals 2013

Tom Donney’s Saab Sonett 750cc runs new record of 122.03 mph at Bonneville Nationals 2013

Our old friend, Saab author Lance Cole has been following Tom Donney’s story of his latest Sonett sensation on the salt flats at Bonneville’s 2013 Speedweek and has dropped us these super images and speed details from Tom for us to saviour.

Tom runs Tom Donney Motors and has a wonderful collection of Saabs old and new – he is well known and not just on the American Saab scene and is a regular at Bonneville with his modded 1968 Sonett. This year’s first timed run on 8th September run beat last year’s run of 115.619 mph with an one-way of 118.082 mph and a return run of 117.235 mph – a new record set, and then the little Sonett went on to break that record with runs of 119.231 mph and then a return one-way sector run of 122.033mph. The temperature was 72.8 degrees F and the wind was 5mph from the SSE.

Tom says: ” The 122.033 mph was our fastest speed and it even exceeded the next engine class size record for engines up to 1000cc! That is rare to see. They however would not let us run as an “I” class car because our engine was “too small”,

“We ran in the GT body class again this year (2 seat sports car). Our engine is a “J” class (501cc-750cc) up to 46CID) take the avg of 2 runs over 2 day (down & back runs to set a record)”.

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