Do you know everything about SAAB cars? (Update)

The guys at have a question for real SAAB fans.

What are you looking at?

Yes, it is an engine, but what engine?

The engine is the VM Motori V6 Diesel, internally known as A29DT, in the engine bay of a 9-5 II.

According to this car is now for sale in the Netherlands. For the ones that think about buying this car. You maybe could fined some spares for this engine at a Chrysler garage, but I can’t say if the version used by Chrysler is identical to the one that GM was willing to use, but paired with this engine is also a automatic transmission that Aisin developed specially for that Engine, and that GM never used for any other engine. The Transmission was able to cope with the 550Nm of the engine. For instance the strongest automatic gearbox used by Saab on the 9-5 NG, the AF40, was only able to cope with 450 Nm of torque.

An insider has told us that a first 9-4x prototype did exist with that engine.

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  1. Components in the Engine Bay give a hint at the 2.8 how ever the Intake Manifold is in a different position btu everything else matches up. I am guessing a Engine for the 9-5 Combi 2.8

  2. No, I don’t know everything about Saab cars (can’t identify that engine if my life depended on it) but it doesn’t matter. I don’t know everything about things I enjoy, but I still enjoy them!

    • Some years ago there was an OG 9-5 Combi at GM’s Milford Proving Ground with GM’s new “Global V8” installed. It was a pretty polished package with full Saab badges. The Global V8 program was eventually cancelled prior to the GM bankruptcy. Not saying that this is that vehicle – just saying that there were V8 studies being done at that time.

  3. I’ll jump on board with a guess: The BMW 1.6 Turbo. When I zoom in it looks like a “1.6” but the 6 might be an 8. But, on further review, might say “V6”, maybe a turbo diesel being tested for the 9-5? Heck, I don’t know.

  4. I should know, I worked with this engine cover 3-4 years ago. But I made a lot of covers under the hood during my last years at Saab, engine covers, battery covers, fuse box covers, and so on. But I worked with the styling, not the parts under the covers. The badge says V6TURBO, the engine compartment tells me it is the NG 9-5, so I will say, a NG 9-5 V6 engine, not sure if it is diesel or petrol. There is no battery cover. The 9-3 has no battery cover in the diesel cars, because the battery is bigger(in Sweden anyway), I don’t know if it is the same with 9-5. This looks like a test car, so the battery cover can just be missing.

  5. Im so sad. Im sure if the 9-5 (normal and SC) and the 9-4x with this engine would have saved the company. 🙁

    Yes, I would have bought the 9-5SC with this engine for sure.

    • They would not have saved the company. They would have prolonged the agony because they were competing at the high end and that’s been tried and it has failed. The only way they might have saved the company—is if they kept Saab afloat long enough for Muller to come to grips with the fact that a volume car was needed at the low end—-to rebuild the brand from the ground up, as it was built in the first place.

        • @Joe, unfair statement much?

          Without Victor, the factory would have been completely empty early 2010. GM had effectively shut everything down (supply chain told to take a hike). A big part of Victor’s troubles stem from the slow ramp-up caused by the liquidation process set in motion by GM.

          Without swegov/EIB’s strange involvement, Muller would have secured additional funding from Antonov (still not brought to trial, still not convicted and his investment would still have been in play at this point). It is my understanding that given the steadily increasing sales numbers, SWAN would have been cash flow positive by year’s end — and well on their way to replace the 9-3 with a completely new platform.

          The plan was being successfully carried out (and the goals met), but it was lagging a few months behind schedule (due to the liquidation process).

          • Rune: I’m too far away from the situation to know what really happened with regard to government involvement in this. I’ve heard and read plenty of times about how the Swedish government wanted Saab dead and for the life of me, I just don’t understand why. But knowing government bureaucrats the way I do (living in the Washington, DC area), I don’t need to understand it to believe it. They work in mysterious ways. No, make that, they work in really stupid, erratic and unpredictable ways. Here, they play favorites like betting on horses to keep some institutions alive with taxpayer dollars and let others fall flat, with apparently no rhyme or reason (except maybe soliciting for campaign contributions or favors owed from previous contributions). There, they can’t wait to kill off a good employer. I don’t get it. But anyway—-I agree that Muller was a place holder and if nothing else, we owe him gratitude for keeping Saab alive because it’s possible they wouldn’t be around now if he didn’t step in. But it does seem as though he’s always scrounging for “investors” like—-constantly. And it’s “unconventional” to say the least—-the big enchilada investor he lined up for Saab. Here in the U.S., the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) might have had an issue with Antonov being that deeply involved in a public company. I don’t know for sure of course. Question: If Vic didn’t manage to buy Saab, do we know one way or the other if Saab really would have gone under? Was there another qualified buyer who just missed out because he won? Or was he really the clear choice, frontrunner or only game in town? Of course at this point, it’s all water under the bridge—-but going back in time, I’m wondering if someone else was ready to take it on, who might have been better? And I truly hope in a few years, someone doesn’t come here, asking if there was anyone better than NEVS to buy Saab back in 2012—-questioning another failure. I hope NEVS starts to finally talk about their vision for Saab cars—-start to stir some excitement and rebuild a shattered brand image. The longer they wait, the worse this is going to get. The public at large (who doesn’t come to SU) has no idea what’s going on—-only that Saabs aren’t sold any more. That ship has to be righted and should have been six months ago or sooner. The fact that 2014 is about 3 months away and NEVS hasn’t done a lick of media work—-is alarming.

  6. This car was, according to my documentation, sold in the KVD Saab enthusiast cars auction 2013-04-03.

    Obj no.: 554363
    Model: 9-5 Vector (TiD6) Alpha 245hp
    Year: 2010
    Chassie no.: YS3GP4AL0A4000013
    Reg no.: Deregistered
    Milage km: 81760
    Market/spec: No COC
    Location: Tjörn, Wallhamn

    Description: The SAAB Superdiesel, 2,9 litre, 245hp, 550Nm, only one built. Test car at SAAB Powertrain. Aut, GPS, HUD Leather.

  7. OT: It never ceases to amaze me how good Saab engineers are, or were and hopefully will be. Aftonbladet reports that the Qoros sedan got the highest scores of any car tested in 2013 in the Euro Ncap. Do you think it’s because the former Saab engnineers responsible for safety were allowed to do their job unfettered by heavy-handed GM bean counters saying “No!”?
    From Aftonbladet on 2013/09/26 (Google translation):

    “Based on the mindset of Saab” … Crashworthiness is based on thinking from Saab so it does not exist in our world that we get more than full marks, said Roger Malkusson in an interview with TT.

    But I think he meant “less than full marks”.

    • The KIA Carens also scored high in those safety tests. This is the type of vehicle NEVS needs to consider as a lower priced Saab. You can be safe, and innovative, and value priced and desirable.

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