Head-Up-Display and camera systems for all Saab drivers

Saab has been synonymous with HUD technology, on the aircraft division. Started in the late 1960 ies with a sight system for the Saab 35 Draken (Deagon) double delta winged interceptor. The technology has moved forward in the recent years and our friends at GM had HUD technology in the 2000 Corvette. Saab got the HUD as an option on the 2010 9-5 Sedan. I am blessed to have one of those unique cars and appreciate the HUD way of driving.

When I took out my 9-3 Convertible 2004 out of the garage in the spring I immediately noticed the convenience of the information sitting there in the line of sight. Speed, navigation etc. Garmin maker of navigation systems, who has sponsored the SaabsUnited Historic Rally team has provided a brand new Garmin HUD.

The regular laminated windscreen can NOT handle the illuminated information at all, remember the discussion of the windscreeens for replacement on the 9-5 Sedan. Th unit from Garmin is provided with an stick on plastic screen that is applied on the inside of the windscreen as well as a plastic device that snaps onto the unit at an 45 degree angle.

Another high-tech device that I have put into the car is a HD in car camera from the korean manufacturer FineVu. This camera cam connect to a GPS and the .avi movie file will get speed info time etc. superimposed near the bottom of the screen.

The system works will and opposing lane cars numberplates can easily be detected at 30 frames per second. When the car is parked a semi dormant mode takes pictures of moving objects. Perfect when someone scratches your Saab at Costco parking lot. The swedish distributor www.bilkamera.se offers free shipment if if “SaabsUnited” is mentioned in the Promocode box. The owner of Bilkamera is a great Saab fan.

From a safety point of view please introduce one new system at a time for less mental workload. Always remember it is what is going on outside the car that is most important.

19 thoughts on “Head-Up-Display and camera systems for all Saab drivers”

  1. I ask myself if the film you show in the video, which should be fitted to the windshield, could not be a solution for 9-5 NG cars equipped with HUD when their original windshield needs replacement?

    • 35 has a double delta-wing configuration. So far the top speed of the 35 in unknown… keep accelerate and the BINGO time to flyhome. That afterburner drinks a lot! Sorry for being a Messerschmitter 😉
      USAber: To bad we in SU crew has TIM who is a professional pilot and ex. conscripted 39 Service Soldier and me who work with Human factors within aerospace at the Swedish Defence Research Agency. We know how to fly right!

  2. Re: “When the car is parked a semi dormant mode takes pictures of moving objects. Perfect when someone scratches your Saab at Costco parking lot.”
    But, will it get a video of the thief who stole the camera in the parking lot?

  3. Insert gratuitous questions about wether this will work on HUD windshields for the
    9-5 NG… Ha! In all reality, it would be great if this would be an option for all those out there with unusable HUD operation on the 9-5 NG’s!

  4. Where is the Escort Max HD Radar Detector?? You cannot have a Saab without one, unless Jorgan has one he is not disclosing in the Video. Perhaps illegal in Sweden:)

    • saaboy1. First my name is Jörgen. Secondly Radar scanners ARE illegal here in Sweden. Besides it would not fit on my crowded dash…:-)

    • Yeah—I’m all for new developments that help my driving and enhance my enjoyment of driving—-and perhaps keep me safer—-so don’t misunderstand, but: I’ve been driving for 34 years without HUD. If it’s something others must have, that’s fine—-but I don’t want it added to my car, with an increase in price, because I don’t really want it or need it. And I don’t want to be stressing out about having an obsolete system because there are no windshields available that will work with the product—-and I don’t want to pay a stiff penalty to replace my windshield if they ARE available.

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