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    • Pretty common for the transportation agencies to call the car the “wrong” yearmodel. Registrations are listed as building date, so if the car was built in october 2007, its called a 2007 by the agency, however it is a 2008 model by the manufacturer since they start counting a new yearmodel after the summer-holidays…

      I think that is the case with this car…

      • Since big brother regulates a whole slew of things that I don’t feel they need to—here is one I wish they WOULD regulate. There should be a definite standard that manufacturers must follow with regard to when a car is built and what model year it is named. Example: I had a 1997 Mercury Tracer that was built in March of 1996. That is ridiculous. I believe that cars should have to go on sale on or after September 1 to be considered a model year of the following calendar year. Example: Car built (or perhaps offered for sale at dealerships) in September of 2013 can be called a 2014. If the car is sold in August, it must be a 2013. I think it’s a bad deal for consumers, especially in the used market, to be able to purchase a car that has a model year of 2011, that was built in April of 2010 for instance. It’s misleading and silly.

    • I love my ’04 Hazelnut 9-5 wagon. That color has really stood the test of time—-looks as good today as when we bought it. The only other colors I’ve really liked a lot since 2000—-the bright red (with black interior) or their off-white—sort of a cream white and would also opt for the black interior for that one. That is the best white any manufacturer has ever offered. I like it much better than standard white. The hazelnut choice allowed us to get a beige interior, which is what my wife wanted at the time—-because her BMW had a black interior and she wanted a change.

      • Angelo; Great minds think alike! I loved our 2002 9-5 Hazelnut sedan. Had to let her go do to a failing trans. I agree best all around color for that period in Saab history. I think they made a limited number in that color of the gen II 9-5, but
        I could be wrong.

  1. For the first time, I just looked at that photo at full resolution, and I am amazed at the sharpness and life-like colors throughout the entire image. It looks like reality to me, like I could walk into the photo and examine everything up close. It has a 3-dimesnional effect, yet both foreground and distance are in focus, adding to the sense of reality. The last photographs with that sense of reality that I have seen were by O. Winston Link with his Norfolk and Western Railway photography.
    Great work!

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