Tom Donney’s Saab Sonett at Bonneville Nationals 2013

Tom Donney’s Saab Sonett 750cc runs new record of 122.03 mph at Bonneville Nationals 2013

Our old friend, Saab author Lance Cole has been following Tom Donney’s story of his latest Sonett sensation on the salt flats at Bonneville’s 2013 Speedweek and has dropped us these super images and speed details from Tom for us to saviour.

Tom runs Tom Donney Motors and has a wonderful collection of Saabs old and new – he is well known and not just on the American Saab scene and is a regular at Bonneville with his modded 1968 Sonett. This year’s first timed run on 8th September run beat last year’s run of 115.619 mph with an one-way of 118.082 mph and a return run of 117.235 mph – a new record set, and then the little Sonett went on to break that record with runs of 119.231 mph and then a return one-way sector run of 122.033mph. The temperature was 72.8 degrees F and the wind was 5mph from the SSE.

Tom says: ” The 122.033 mph was our fastest speed and it even exceeded the next engine class size record for engines up to 1000cc! That is rare to see. They however would not let us run as an “I” class car because our engine was “too small”,

“We ran in the GT body class again this year (2 seat sports car). Our engine is a “J” class (501cc-750cc) up to 46CID) take the avg of 2 runs over 2 day (down & back runs to set a record)”.

Here are the results for Tom’s team who set new record on 8/11/13 :

Official results 1968 Saab Sonett II with 750cc engine

118.082mph (down=117.236 & return=118.929)

119.291 (down=119.503 & return=119.080)

121.203mph. (Down =120.374 & return = 122.033)


As the accompanying photos show, the little green Saab still looks fantastic. We will let Tom sign off:


“After that we set everything up to the edge of “go or blow” since we only had 1 day left and it takes two days to set a record. No luck on final 2 runs as the heat of the day (99 degrees) got us. The funny thing is our fastest top speed (still only 750cc )engine still sat in the trailer and we never swapped it out. Once we were informed we could not run our 750cc engines in the 1,000cc class we lost interest with the heat to swap it “just for fun”. Thanks to all who follow us!”



4 thoughts on “Tom Donney’s Saab Sonett at Bonneville Nationals 2013”

  1. 122 mph in that would have been very much out there, stainless steel ba$$s required, well done to all involved, in the near future our local aussie will go for the world land speed record wishing him good luck too…

  2. Ah,Yeah this is all very interesting but does anyone notice any supplier trucks entering and leaving the SAAB facilities. How about pictures of the employee parking lot full of the imaginary 400 employees working. I can’t believe no one talks at all,no leaks,the U.S. state department can’t keep a secret! Where is Mr. Wikileaks when needed!

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