Duel: SAAB 93b 1959 vs Mercedes SLS 2011

Today I got a tip about a movie where a ’59 93b is duelling against a 2011 Mercedes SLS…. In Norway, where I live, the price differs about 3 millions NOK and the SAAB have a slightly smaller engine, but of course these two cars can make up in a duel! My friend Torbjørn meet this local Mercedes in a petrol-station, and a small duel took place. Torgeir, who filmed this sums it great  up in the description of the movie; “A showdown between two opposites, the flashy 2011 Mercedes Benz SLS and the cheeky 1959 SAAB 93. You be the judge, which wins this duel?

edit: It’s of course a 93b, not a 93f!

Saab Turbo Club of Sweden – A Track Day

Hi everyone!

One of our members in the Saab Turbo Club of Sweden, Mikael Öhrman (mioh), have been very nice and put up this great movie from our latest track day within the Saab Turbo Club of Sweden.


The movie shows many glimts on what we are doing when it comes to a track day.

How we in the steering board of STCS, together with our friends in the Racecrew, are preparing the track the day before.

Then some of the activities we are preforming during a track day.

Many thanks to Mikael Öhrman for the movie!


Best Regards
Michael Törnros
President of Saab Turbo Club of Sweden

Two 9-3’s find new owners.

P1180547Two of the members of South West Saab each picked up a 9-3 from Astley Saab, Yeovil on Saturday the 26th October.

Isabel Rankin of Yeovil Somerset, and Mike and Marion Barnes of Weymouth Dorset picked up their new cars from Jerry peck MD and Stuart Romain of Astleys

Isabel fell in love with the Commemorative edition Cerulean convertible when she voted for one as the car ‘I would most like to go home in’ at the very first Swedish Day, held at Haynes motor museum in Sparkford,

So much so, that back in April of this year she asked Jerry to source her very own Cerulean, but finding the right car has proved quite a challenge.


P1180543Well, that dream has now come true for Isabel, and her very first drive in her new car, a 2.0t, was with the roof down, Just the way it should be!

Friends and fellow SWS members Mike and Marion Barnes also picked up a 9-3 the same day, this time a Vector sport TID in Fusion blue, Mike’s first diesel car, having owned petrol Saabs for most of his driving life, and a break from his traditional choice of two door coupes.

Isabel, Mike and Marion would like to thank Jerry and all the staff at Astleys for their excellent service and attention, as always.




Presenting SCPC – Saab Cars Portugal Clube

SCPC smallHi to all SU readers worldwide!

First of all we have to thank SU for this oportunity,  creating a space for Saab Clubs. Despite all trouble with the closing down and the restart, the clubs all around the world keep this brand, owners and the “Saab spirit” alive and it´s with warm heart that we recognize SU effords… including this one!

So… We exist since Dec. 2004. Me and my brother created a group of friends that formed the Saab Portugal Clube. As we wanted to register owr club, SAAB AB told us we have to change the name so it can´t be so close related to SAAB ( Air, Land, Naval, Security and Commercial Aeronautics ).

That´s why we change the name to SCPC, created an new logo, registered the club and continued to do owr goal: to meet with other Saab owners, who have the same passion for this car brand, help them keeping their cars and let Portugal know that the Saab Coulture in Portugal isn´t dead. We strive to be an resource to Saab owners that make them proud!

With that in mind we keep apearing in auto shows here in Portugal with some of the icons of this brand ( as pictures can tell ), just to letting people know this brand is alive and we are here to help them!


Rio Maior


We annualy have owr National meetings where we gather in some part of Portugal, see something related with that place and spend na nice day with owr beloved cars and many friends.

I left you with these 3 pictures:

This one is one of owr casual meetings just to hang around and have some snacks and beer…


His one was owr 11th meeting in Covilhã ( owr highest point in Portugal: Serra da Estrela ) Sept. 8 2012


And this one was owr last meeting in Batalha Sept. 7 2013


I will be posting here owr updates, shows and meetings but to all the portuguese fans who wish to follow us, we can be found in www.saabportugalclube.org  Feel free to join in!

Bye for now!

SU Calendar 2014 – Last Call For Photos

Roughly two weeks ago we opened our email for entries for the new SaabsUnited calendar. We have already recieved a variety of great pics from all around the world that tell us how great the Saab spirit still is.

The decision has been taken to go for a larger size of approx 42×30 cm. As for a second calendar it looks like we might get enough entries and I’d like to encourage all Convertible owners to send in pics of their Saabs (just as a slight hint what we have in mind).

Since we want to come out with the final product a bit earlier than last year we close for entries on Wednesday, October 23rd. Here is a quick reminder of what we are looking for:

We do not have a general demand on the size of the photos but remember that it should preferably have 200 dpi in the final size or 42×30 cm.

Please send your images via mail to su @ tilldrescher.de .

Open Day at Astley Saab in Yeovil. Updated.

insidegarageThe “Open Day” can only be described as successful. Jerry and his crew were there early on Saturday morning ready with coffee and food for all visitors. All cars were welcome to be “Tech 2’d” and there was a steady flow of Saabs both new and classic in the work shop during the day. Even Kerry’s 9-5 Aero was driven on the ramp for a check-over with happy results. A few full had their air-con re-gassed and cleaned.

Test drives were available to those who were both interested in a new Saab or just wanted to drive a different model to their own. The NG 9-5 was very popular as was a 9-3 Aero that the garage has for sale.

My local Saab group was there, as I’ve said, and we talked to many new faces about our club and the things we get up to during the year.

Saab Parts UK were also on hand to chat about what they were doing and to confirm to everybody that there are plenty of spares to last many years.

The day was such a success that it is planned to do other events around the country, Local Clubs, Local Dealers and Saab Parts UK will get together and offer this great idea around our country.

Maybe its an idea that could go “Around The World”

A few pictures can be found here at my Flickr page.

Read moreOpen Day at Astley Saab in Yeovil. Updated.

SAABSTANCE Singapore Introduction

Hello to all fellow SAAB Pilots Globally,

A big shout out to all you great people that keeps this brand alive and well despite the many challenges and turmoils that the Griffin has underwent. It had battled them all and back up again and well. Greetings from Singapore and i figured i will start the Griffin flying by posting a small introduction about ourselves. We live in a small city state measuring just 44km East West and approx 20km North South. As you can see, it is a really small island on its own but with a very passionate group of Saab fanatics that are infatuated by the trolls from Trollhattan. Small as we might be, out regular gatherings number from 10 to 40 plus Jets at one go.

We share the pride that all of you have over your Jets and it is always an inspiration to us all in Singapore to see the rest of the community being so enthusiastic and the love you all give to each and every SAAB.

It is a real shame that our cars are taxed heavily up to 180% of the cost of landing a vehicle here in Singapore and worst still, we are limited by a 10 year ownership, of which the car is to go to the wreckers or we will have to buy another “Certificate of Entitlement” to extend another 10 years. Just a ballpark, in the past, a 9-3 2.0 AERO in 2008 would have cost approximately USD $120,000 when new. I know many may say it is ridiculous, but this is such in a small island where land is very scarce and car population control is vital.

Still, this does not detract from the fact that we absolutely adore our Griffins and we give nothing but the very best to our Jets and keep the flag flying high in Singapore.

Here are some of the photos that i hath taken for the club over the past few years and showcase many of the pride and joys of our Pilots. Enjoy and hope to be able to meet many more like minded enthusiasts in my travels or through stories.


Warmest Regards,

Abel Tan


SAAB 900 in Singapore Unite
SAAB 900 in Singapore Unite

10785_10151547009435399_1742824152_n 13268_10151623027435399_1438462505_n

Read moreSAABSTANCE Singapore Introduction

re-posted SaabsUnited Calendar 2014 – we want your photos!

Just a reminder, we are open for entries for the calendar for another two weeks. So if you have some time to spare over the weekend to check your hard drive – keep the photos coming!

At the end of last year we asked you to send in your photos for a SaabsUnited Calendar. It has been the first time we did that and with 500+ calendars sold one can say it has been pretty successful.

Since the year is slowly turning to an end again we open our email for your photo entries again. This year saw, among many other events, a Saab festival so I am sure many of you will have images on their harddrive that would fit our calendar well. We do not have a general demand on the size of the photos but remember that it should preferably have 200 dpi in the final size of A4 or A3.

Please send your images via mail to su @ tilldrescher.de .

While last year we made a dedicated calendar for the 9-3 II we hope to get enough entries to come up with another special calender on some topic. We have not yet decided which one that should be so feel free to let us know what you would prefer.

Another topic you can leave your opinion on is the size of the calendar. Some people liked the small version we had last year while others would have liked it a bit bigger. So we might come up with an additional larger version in the size of A3 (approx. 420×300 cm).

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