Open Day at Astley Saab in Yeovil. Updated.

insidegarageThe “Open Day” can only be described as successful. Jerry and his crew were there early on Saturday morning ready with coffee and food for all visitors. All cars were welcome to be “Tech 2’d” and there was a steady flow of Saabs both new and classic in the work shop during the day. Even Kerry’s 9-5 Aero was driven on the ramp for a check-over with happy results. A few full had their air-con re-gassed and cleaned.

Test drives were available to those who were both interested in a new Saab or just wanted to drive a different model to their own. The NG 9-5 was very popular as was a 9-3 Aero that the garage has for sale.

My local Saab group was there, as I’ve said, and we talked to many new faces about our club and the things we get up to during the year.

Saab Parts UK were also on hand to chat about what they were doing and to confirm to everybody that there are plenty of spares to last many years.

The day was such a success that it is planned to do other events around the country, Local Clubs, Local Dealers and Saab Parts UK will get together and offer this great idea around our country.

Maybe its an idea that could go “Around The World”

A few pictures can be found here at my Flickr page.



Previous words…..

My local Saab group, “South West Saab”, are supporting this Open Day and inviting all Saab owners to visit Yeovil on the 19th October. It will take place at Astleys Garage on Oxford Road in Yeovil, post code; BA21 5HR.
Fun starts at 10.00am.

During the day you will get the chance to put your car on the Tech 2 to see any past problems and fault codes that maybe stored on your cars computer. Nigel and Mike, Astleys technicians, will be on hand during the day to answer any questions you may have.

The Open day will include;

Hirsch upgrades at great discounts.
The car cleaning guys will offer a quick wash down for charity.
Air con re-gas and de bugs which clear out the bacteria.
Tea, coffee and plenty of cakes in the Saab café.
Representatives from Saab Parts UK will be there to chat and advice, also to hear your suggestions.
Sign up to the “Saab service club” to receive 15% on parts and labour.
There will be new old stock for sale.
9-3 convertible hood renovation demonstration and service available too

All above will be carried out and/or sold at special show prices.

We are awaiting some other offers and will publish them when we get word.

Test drives can be taken but please remember your driving licence.

We look forward to seeing many of you on the day.

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Angelo V.

I would love to see one of the former Saab dealers in the Washington, DC area do something like this—-or even one of the shops that specializes in Saab repair. Get a group of owners and their Saabs there on a Saturday for a meet and greet—–maybe have some doughnuts and coffee too!


Great day, good to talk to Lyn the saab parts representative and to drive the new 9-5, what a car!
Jerry and his team were such good hosts….how I managed to resist doughnuts and cakes all day I will never know!
Getting behind the scenes was a great experience, and it was a great ‘flag waving’ event for the Owners Club.


Fantastic, so nice to see such an active Saab dealer, also, fantastic to see so many Saabs together on the forecourt again. Maybe I can persuade my local Saab garage, Bond Street Car Service to do the same, they have the perfect car park for a meet. Well done Astley Saab, wish I was closer


Many familiar happy faces! Looks like a nice day! =)


Eleven, It would be good to see the specialists taking up on this idea…it can only be a win win situation for both owners and dealers. I am a strong believer in working together with the dealers to help ensure there survival, which in turn will mean we have someone to count on if we need them. The SOC are doing there upmost to help the authorized repairers here in the UK, as I stated at the beginning of my reply…we need to pull together in these turbulent times.


It’s no news that SAAB is currently going through a time uncertain. However, events like this give value to many people who still believe in SAAB, both clients and brand professionals.

To highlight how varied, complete and accurate list of activities in this open day at Astley SAAB.

I hope that this initiative brings us closer to the customers-brand enthusiasts worldwide spread.




Well done to the Saab community and the dealer, no such luck with dealers, service centers here in oz, am sick of hearing on back order from Sweden….

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