Presenting SCPC – Saab Cars Portugal Clube

SCPC smallHi to all SU readers worldwide!

First of all we have to thank SU for this oportunity,  creating a space for Saab Clubs. Despite all trouble with the closing down and the restart, the clubs all around the world keep this brand, owners and the “Saab spirit” alive and it´s with warm heart that we recognize SU effords… including this one!

So… We exist since Dec. 2004. Me and my brother created a group of friends that formed the Saab Portugal Clube. As we wanted to register owr club, SAAB AB told us we have to change the name so it can´t be so close related to SAAB ( Air, Land, Naval, Security and Commercial Aeronautics ).

That´s why we change the name to SCPC, created an new logo, registered the club and continued to do owr goal: to meet with other Saab owners, who have the same passion for this car brand, help them keeping their cars and let Portugal know that the Saab Coulture in Portugal isn´t dead. We strive to be an resource to Saab owners that make them proud!

With that in mind we keep apearing in auto shows here in Portugal with some of the icons of this brand ( as pictures can tell ), just to letting people know this brand is alive and we are here to help them!


Rio Maior


We annualy have owr National meetings where we gather in some part of Portugal, see something related with that place and spend na nice day with owr beloved cars and many friends.

I left you with these 3 pictures:

This one is one of owr casual meetings just to hang around and have some snacks and beer…


His one was owr 11th meeting in Covilhã ( owr highest point in Portugal: Serra da Estrela ) Sept. 8 2012


And this one was owr last meeting in Batalha Sept. 7 2013


I will be posting here owr updates, shows and meetings but to all the portuguese fans who wish to follow us, we can be found in  Feel free to join in!

Bye for now!

5 thoughts on “Presenting SCPC – Saab Cars Portugal Clube”

  1. I know SCPC is a large group of SAAB enthusiasts.

    I often travel to Portugal and sometimes can be seen very well preserved SAAB veterans.

    Someday I hope to attend one of the meetings that the SCPC program. For now I’ll go next November to Alentejo, Vila Viçosa specifically to enjoy again the scenery and the awesome local cuisine.

    Vila Viçosa:



    I hope you to see soon.


  2. @Trued – It´s just 1993m high! That´s not very spetacular i know… 😀

    @MF – You are more than welcome to attend MF … And you are right: Portugal from North to South have one of the bests cuisine of the world! 😀

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