SAABSTANCE Singapore Introduction

Hello to all fellow SAAB Pilots Globally,

A big shout out to all you great people that keeps this brand alive and well despite the many challenges and turmoils that the Griffin has underwent. It had battled them all and back up again and well. Greetings from Singapore and i figured i will start the Griffin flying by posting a small introduction about ourselves. We live in a small city state measuring just 44km East West and approx 20km North South. As you can see, it is a really small island on its own but with a very passionate group of Saab fanatics that are infatuated by the trolls from Trollhattan. Small as we might be, out regular gatherings number from 10 to 40 plus Jets at one go.

We share the pride that all of you have over your Jets and it is always an inspiration to us all in Singapore to see the rest of the community being so enthusiastic and the love you all give to each and every SAAB.

It is a real shame that our cars are taxed heavily up to 180% of the cost of landing a vehicle here in Singapore and worst still, we are limited by a 10 year ownership, of which the car is to go to the wreckers or we will have to buy another “Certificate of Entitlement” to extend another 10 years. Just a ballpark, in the past, a 9-3 2.0 AERO in 2008 would have cost approximately USD $120,000 when new. I know many may say it is ridiculous, but this is such in a small island where land is very scarce and car population control is vital.

Still, this does not detract from the fact that we absolutely adore our Griffins and we give nothing but the very best to our Jets and keep the flag flying high in Singapore.

Here are some of the photos that i hath taken for the club over the past few years and showcase many of the pride and joys of our Pilots. Enjoy and hope to be able to meet many more like minded enthusiasts in my travels or through stories.


Warmest Regards,

Abel Tan


SAAB 900 in Singapore Unite
SAAB 900 in Singapore Unite

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East Meets West
East Meets West

1 out of 40 NG 9-5 in Singapore
1 out of 40 NG 9-5 in Singapore

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Singapore SAABSTANCE Unite
Singapore SAABSTANCE Unite

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11 thoughts on “SAABSTANCE Singapore Introduction”

    • Am not that great honestly, i had absolutely zero background nor did i take any courses in photography, just kept trying and refining my own craft. Just need great passion for both SAABs and a camera! Hah! Cheers for the compliments

  1. I lived in Singapore and I have numerous relatives living there presently, therefore I know about the challenges represented by the ownership of a car, especially a prestigious brand like Saab. Your club is doing a fantastic job keeping the spirit. Great photos too.

  2. well done to all involved with SAABSTANCE, lots of $$$ spent in Singapore, there must be good dealer support to maintain their cars in tip top condition….

    • We are actually pretty proficient in doing mass orders for our club with the great resources available on the internet. We will go to the regular few workshops for fitment and installation as most of our warranties are out by now

  3. Hi Abel,
    Not sure if you can help, but thought I might try anyway. A few years ago I was on a Singapore airlines flight and onboard there was a Singaporean Motoring magazine, which featured an article on 4 or 5 innovations that Saab gave the world, that are now standard on most cars. Would be great to be able to publish on SU. I am sure that some of your members would have seen it.

    Regards from Australia.


    • Hi there James, i believe it is TORQUE magazine with the front cover of a Crimson Red Lexus GS 450h on the front page of it. Let me go have a look into my archives and dig that particular issue out and see if i am able to do a high resolution scan of it and upload it here.


      • HI Abel,
        Wow, well done. That would be fantastic if you could, I am sure that the members here would greatly appreciate reading the article.


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