Two 9-3’s find new owners.

P1180547Two of the members of South West Saab each picked up a 9-3 from Astley Saab, Yeovil on Saturday the 26th October.

Isabel Rankin of Yeovil Somerset, and Mike and Marion Barnes of Weymouth Dorset picked up their new cars from Jerry peck MD and Stuart Romain of Astleys

Isabel fell in love with the Commemorative edition Cerulean convertible when she voted for one as the car ‘I would most like to go home in’ at the very first Swedish Day, held at Haynes motor museum in Sparkford,

So much so, that back in April of this year she asked Jerry to source her very own Cerulean, but finding the right car has proved quite a challenge.


P1180543Well, that dream has now come true for Isabel, and her very first drive in her new car, a 2.0t, was with the roof down, Just the way it should be!

Friends and fellow SWS members Mike and Marion Barnes also picked up a 9-3 the same day, this time a Vector sport TID in Fusion blue, Mike’s first diesel car, having owned petrol Saabs for most of his driving life, and a break from his traditional choice of two door coupes.

Isabel, Mike and Marion would like to thank Jerry and all the staff at Astleys for their excellent service and attention, as always.




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Congratulations, All & Happy Birthday, Robin !

Angelo V.

Two very nice colors! Also, couldn’t help but notice the KIA sign in the background. Step up to the plate NEVS. Let’s get some Saab dealers back in business guys. Time is a wastin’.


Warm congratulations to the new happy owners and happy birthday Robin !! 🙂


fabulous looking cars…..ENJOY

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