SOTW w48 “Swedish Edition”

This SOTW belongs to Adi from Oskarshamn, Sweden.
Adi’s greeting: “Hello! Here is my contribution to “SOTW”. This is a 9-3 Aero MY04, which I immediately after purchase in October 2010 facelifted to the ’08 look, and later  ’12 look. When I bought the car it had 25800kms on the odometer, today it has 36400kms on it. The car has never seen snow or salt, which means that it is absolutely in mint condition.”

Norse Motors Day (UK)

Norse Motors Day at the Ace Café.

The Ace Cafe meeting is an annual event for Swedish Cars.  It would be nice to see a few more Saabs there, Volvo drivers love this event.  There has yet to see a Koenigsegg visit the event!!

Saturday 30th November between 11.00 and 16.00 at the Ace Cafe on the North Circular Road, London, NW10.  It’s on the NCR service road, eastbound, between Hanger Lane (A40) and the M1 junction.

Ace Cafe London Ace Corner North Circular Road Stonebridge London NW10 7UD Tel: 020 8961 1000

GPS Coordinate 51°32’29″N, 0°16’40″W 51.541389, -0.277778

If any of you take a visit to the café, please let us know and we will happily publish a few pictures.

Inside Saab’s Noise and Vibration Harshness Lab

Saab technical department
Saab technical department

On November 21st I was invited to NEVS in Trollhättan and met with:

  • Patrik Torehov (Senior Analysis Engineer)
  • Eskil Lindberg (Technical Specialist)
  • Göran Fredriksson (Manager Public and Customer Relations)
  • Mikael Östlund (Public Relations Officer)

After introducing the 900, Saab decided it was time to take aim for the premium market with the 9000. An important aspect of a premium car is the feeling of comfort inside. To aid in this area a NVH testing lab was constructed in 1984.

“The NVH lab influences all interfaces between chassis/drivetrain and the body, interior insulation, exterior design (wind noise and resonants), tires, interior information sounds and even engine noise characteristics such as idle, engine torque, shift points and more.”

The lab is divided into several rooms. A couple of rooms are semi-anechoic chambers suitable for testing heavier equipment (solid floor), then there is one reverberation room adjacent to an anechoic chamber. These two rooms are separated by a thick wall with a one square meter big hatch that can be opened between them. Once that hatch is open, all sound entering the anechoic chamber can only originate from the reverberation room.

Tests typically focus on individual parts, material or an entire car.

“To generalize, we focus on all dynamics (sound and vibration) above 20 Hz. The human ear doesn’t detect sounds below 20 Hz. On the other hand, it is in the area between 0 and 20 Hz that handling is determined, which is outside the NVH lab’s domain. But a very important component for both acoustic and handling is rubber bushings. It is designed to create a soft transition between stiff metal components. In the car industry the NVH engineers want the softest bushing possible, whereas the engineer responsible for handling desire rather stiff bushings (yielding a sportier handling).”

Eskil and Patrik with the 9-3N (pre-production)
Eskil and Patrik with the 9-3N (pre-production)

Currently the lab is busy preparing for the start of production of the 9-3N to ensure that it complies with current regulations in all the major markets. Compliance testing generally consists of pass-by tests, but some interior tests are also carried out.

The lab is utilized throughout the life-time of any given Saab model. They utilize a shaker to simulate years of wear and tear, and then subject the car to additional listening tests to see if it still performs as expected.

“Another example where the NVH lab yields a direct influence on existing models is tuning of the exhaust system. We put a lot of effort into making sure our cars has the right sound.”

Read moreInside Saab’s Noise and Vibration Harshness Lab

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The SaabsUnited Calendars for 2014

alle Kalender

Just like last year the reaction to our request for calendar photos was overwhelming. We had a hard time choosing the pics and to be able to get even more into the calendar we decided to make it three calendars this year. Quite a few have already pre-ordered through our SU Store on

The SU Calendar features Saabs from all around the world, we even got a very cool 9-3 from China. Size A3 landscape (approx. 42×30 cm / 16.5×11.8 in)

The Topless! Calendar is exactly what you had thought from the name: convertibles only. Size A3 landscape (approx. 42×30 cm / 16.5×11.8 in)

The Classic Calendar honors the classic Saab models up to the 99/900 era. Size A3 landscape (approx. 42×30 cm / 16.5×11.8 in)

The SU planner is the most recent addition to our lineup. It features the pictures of the SU Calendar but adds a calendar that can be used to mark one’s dates. Size A3 portrait (approx. 42×30 cm / 16.5×11.8 in)

We hope you enjoy what we created. The calendars are entering stock today and the new as well as the pre-orders wil be made ready for shipping over the weekend. And of course feel free to browse around a bit on cardyourcar and explore the other products.

SOTW v47 ‘Swedish edition’

Mattias Brelid with his custom made 9-5 Vector ’07
This week’s SOTW belongs to Mattias Brelid from Sweden. It is a 9-5 ’07 who is fundamentally a Vector. Mattias worked hard to get a personal look on his 9-5, and I definitely think it’s a big success. I curiously asked some questions about how it all started, Mattias was more than happy to tell the story of his Saab, and it’s pretty obvious that Mattias put down a lot of time and passion in his 9-5. And he has every reason in the world to be proud of what he accomplished.
Here’s more information about Mattias SAAB:
“I had some time to kill one day and decided to check out cars at ANA in Trollhättan. I walked around in the showroms, and suddenly I noticed this car. I saw the potential it had and I just had to have it. It didn’t take long before I decided to buy it, and I’ve never regretted this decision. I like to add my own “personal touch” to the car, and I really did this time. There is only one and it’s mine!!!

Essantially a Vector 2.0, 360 brakes with 8-piston calipers and race pads. 330HP realcar prototype boxes. Splitters front and back, side skirts from Realcar. Suspension, grille and rims from Hirsch. Hirsch carbon fiber dash and associated cf door lists and shifter, this is the set that they only made 12 sets of, MapTun’s carbon fiber steering wheel, subwoofer enclosure with 2 × 10 in the trunk area. Will also add the carbon fiver shifter knob soon”

Do You want to be SOTW ‘Swedish Edition’ (where your contribution has the chance to be posted on and Send pictures with information/greeting to [email protected]


Poster: First NEVS 9-3, Abel Art

Poster NEVS

It’s been just a few weeks ago that NEVS built the first 9-3 under their ownership in the Trollhättan factory. Our photographer Rikard H made that great shot that we now printed as a poster. It_s available in the SU store area on cardyourcar.

abel set 500

We created another set of great posters in cooperation with Abel Art from Singapore. They are available either as a set or seperately. To celebrate the new additions to our poster portfolio we give a 50% discount on all other posters.

Check it out, along with lots of other stuff like SaabsUnited T-Shirts, decals and the Advent Calendar a on

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