3rd European Saab meeting in Huy

This weekend sees the third European Saab get together in Huy in Belgium.

Organised by Etienne, with help from his good friends Jeff and Rémi plus a few others, this is going to be a very large gathering of Saabs in one place.

The party gets going on the Saturday when many of the Saab owners will start arriving from all over Europe. UK, Sweden, The Netherlands, France, Belgium, Luxemburg, Switzerland to name but a few. A dinner has been arranged for the evening with lots of food, wine, beer and laughter.

Sunday morning will see many Saabs parked all around The Town Square and this is when you will get the chance to mingle and chat about your favourite brand. Around 2.30 there will be an award for the best car and then just after that a car tour is arranged to visit the local area. There is a meal arranged for Sunday evening for those who wish to stay another night.

A few of us from The UK are planning to arrive together just after lunch on the Saturday, We are convoying from Calais so you may see us on route.

It promises to be a super fun weekend. So if you are close by or fancy a road trip please come along and join in and make this European Meeting the biggest yet.


5 thoughts on “3rd European Saab meeting in Huy”

  1. Sadly my travelling companion can no longer make the trip so I have a spare space in my car.
    If anyone along my route fancies a trip to Huy, let me know, Robin.

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