Hood to a 9-3 anyone?

Screenshot from Instagram

We often hear about when the spare-parts are out of stock, but today I came across a image on Instagram, so I want to show the opposite situation.
As you can see is it a load of hoods, and the text says that it is for the 9-3 (MY03-MY07 I think), and they are ready for painting at the company “Falk Lack” in Mora, Sweden. We don’t know who ordered the hoods, but it’s tagged with hash-tag “#reservdelar” (spare-parts), so my guess is that Orio (old Saab Parts) or anyone else who is planning to sell spare-parts have placed a order.

But in the end, it doesn’t matter who ordered the hoods, for me personally it’s great to see that SAAB-owners gets their parts, and the “experts” that says “you never get parts for your cars” are shown wrong 🙂

9 thoughts on “Hood to a 9-3 anyone?”

  1. It’s not usually a matter of never getting parts, though for some, that is the case. But for many, it’s waiting weeks or months, or longer—for things like specialty windshields or key fobs that open and start the car—-“fairly” important parts that were unavailable for an unacceptable period of time—-and in some cases, are still unavailable. Belittling frustrated owners doesn’t solve the problem—they might not be experts on spare parts, but they know when they’re being spun.

    • I can usually get my spare parts faster the my Service Center. So far anything I have wanted I have been able to get for my 2008 and 2009 9-3s, including key fobs. Prices vary widely though.

  2. this is great IF you need a 9-3 hood.
    If not…is the same old story….
    C’mon, NEVS, get your act together, or you’ll have no legacy parts business to speak of.
    (assuming you want it)

    • I’m sure your local Saab specialist can plug their Tech II into one of these and it’ll transform into a HUD windshield before your very eyes!

  3. This instagram post has a tag that says #aluhuvar , that means aluminium engine hoods . Does our YS3 ng9-3:s have alu.hoods? Or are them for the new YTN 9-3:s?

  4. I don`t need a bonnet (hood), but I pranged my passenger side door mirror, so needed a cover and heated, auto-dimming mirror glass. Once again, Neo Bros came up trumps.

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