Something of interest……

I just spotted this on my weekly Autorader email which I was delighted to see and which shows that SAAB is still very much remembered by the motoring press.

Yes a lot of you may well have already seen this from various other sites in the past but it is so refreshing to see Autotrader still using it today.

Sit back and enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Something of interest……”

  1. It was called creativity!
    It was a unique offering, and never quite reached it’s stellar potential, but it was a strong effort to widen the appeal of SAAB to the mainstream motoring public.
    Even then they recognized the need to increase unit sales for survivability and viability.
    Still (other than my 1987 900S) one of my all time favorite SAAB units!

  2. My 2nd 9K was new…

    It was a 1987 9000SE [exclusive in the UK, with wood interior, inc’ veneered door caps].
    Metallic Gold with Brown Buffalo leather, and a sunroof as standard.

    Add £2K for the airflow kit [looked like the Carlsson] it was a real head turner & boy did that thing fly…. I still have a rear exhaust box in the Garage somewhere which was reputed to add 25 BHP to the performance.

    But, £25K GBP in 1987 was a lot of money..
    I remember talking to a guy in SAAB GB, and he remembered over £1.5K per car/unit was spent on advertising….

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