SOTW w48 “Swedish Edition”

This SOTW belongs to Adi from Oskarshamn, Sweden.
Adi’s greeting: “Hello! Here is my contribution to “SOTW”. This is a 9-3 Aero MY04, which I immediately after purchase in October 2010 facelifted to the ’08 look, and later  ’12 look. When I bought the car it had 25800kms on the odometer, today it has 36400kms on it. The car has never seen snow or salt, which means that it is absolutely in mint condition.”

6 thoughts on “SOTW w48 “Swedish Edition””

  1. It just seems so strange for a Saab to have never seen the snow! It seems almost wrong.
    Anyway, it’s a beautiful car and the upgrade looks great too.

  2. Looks great. A true beauty!
    Hmmm. So maybe I should consider doing a paint job on those engine parts on my 9-3X????
    Painting them SOLID RED?
    Would look awesome?
    Image open the hood and being welcomed by three solid red parts grinning at U!
    Perhaps a Yuletide gift?

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