The SaabsUnited Calendars for 2014

alle Kalender

Just like last year the reaction to our request for calendar photos was overwhelming. We had a hard time choosing the pics and to be able to get even more into the calendar we decided to make it three calendars this year. Quite a few have already pre-ordered through our SU Store on

The SU Calendar features Saabs from all around the world, we even got a very cool 9-3 from China. Size A3 landscape (approx. 42×30 cm / 16.5×11.8 in)

The Topless! Calendar is exactly what you had thought from the name: convertibles only. Size A3 landscape (approx. 42×30 cm / 16.5×11.8 in)

The Classic Calendar honors the classic Saab models up to the 99/900 era. Size A3 landscape (approx. 42×30 cm / 16.5×11.8 in)

The SU planner is the most recent addition to our lineup. It features the pictures of the SU Calendar but adds a calendar that can be used to mark one’s dates. Size A3 portrait (approx. 42×30 cm / 16.5×11.8 in)

We hope you enjoy what we created. The calendars are entering stock today and the new as well as the pre-orders wil be made ready for shipping over the weekend. And of course feel free to browse around a bit on cardyourcar and explore the other products.

6 thoughts on “The SaabsUnited Calendars for 2014”

    • Did you buy the 2014 Saab poster we have in the store? Thats one of the best things you can have hanging on your wall right now, plus it supports the work that we do, which is by no means without costs! It takes a lot of time and money to run the kind of website and bring you guys the kind of info that we do =)

      So please support our efforts! =)

  1. I went for the planner! Handy for keeping track of my busy schedule and I’ll have beautiful cars to stare at all day.
    9:00 AM Visit SU to comment on NEVS
    9:15 AM Visit SU to comment on when production will start
    9:20 AM Visit SU to comment on what facelift of 9-3 will look like
    9:35 AM Visit SU to ask when NEVS will offer Saabs in U.S.
    Looking forward to receiving it!

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