16 thoughts on “Nevs #001; More pictures from today”

  1. I am SOO CONFUSED! Auto Motor & Sport (Swedish car magazine) says that this car is the updated/facelifted version, is that true. I thought that NEVS would launch the updated 9-3 when they released the Electric version. The picture on their presentation shows a 9-3X, will they produce that type as well?

    But the pictures, they are lovely to see!

    • AMS is wrong, this is NOT the updated version, that one we will see next year. Next year we will also see 9-3X, SportCombi and later a CV.

    • This was all fron RikardH, but Rune will upload more photos when he’s ready, maybe you’ll get what you looking for there ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You can see Pictures of the interior here:

    Looks just like the old one. They really need to do some serious upgrating if they shall sell it outside China.
    I always thought that the radio looked like something out of a much cheaper car, which it is as it also is fitted into the Chevrolet Epica.

    But anyway this has been a very nice day, and I actually think that NEVS is going to pull it of.

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