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  1. Have to say, though, the green monochrome says “old”. A few outliers among 9-5NG owners (without the [color] nav option) say they think it looks more like an airplane. They haven’t seen an airplane cockpit lately. 🙂 My own experience with more-recent color displays in rental cars (but minus nav) don’t justify it on functional grounds. And of course a Garmin is a lot cheaper, and easier to update, etc., etc. But the first impression matters. Let’s hope the facelift addresses this.

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  2. Facelift will have a generic smartphone / tablet dock with adapters for Apple, Jolla, Nokia, Samsung etc phones.

    Well, one is allowed to dream isn’t one?

    Apart from the style of the seats, this is the same as my ’07 model 93 SC – I love it. Cream / black combination looks so classy IMHO, and still attracts appreciative comments.

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  3. to my IMHO the dashboard of the first model was better, more typical Saab and less a follower as this one, tomuch chrome that has nothing to do here. Especially the borderline around it. please keep the pure scandinavian design. It is not for everybody and should not be outdated next year, as most of the others would like it to be. Saab is durable in mechanics and design. That is a whole, a Saab is and should be coherent. so also for such details. Another detail I should should be redesigned, purified is the underhalf of the front. Too fashion-like as others, not coherent either if you look at the lines. Volvo is for me a very bad example, they are completely overhauled by this glamour, “baroque” design. Very pity for quality cars. That doesn’t hold. So please, make something pure. As the whole shape of the car (9-5NG, even the 9-5, was beautyful!!!). But would like to replace my good old 9000 aero by something …. purely Saab! What a good day in my life that would be. A small one like the 9-1 would be excellent. Practical, beautyful, powerfull, full driving pleasure as always, with our beloved ones.

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