The first new Saabs have been ordered!

göran fredriksson
Göran Fredriksson, Photo by Stefan Bennhage

As we all know, the Internet sale of the new produced NEVS 9-3 Aero 2014 started earlier today, and the sale started at 14:00CET (GMT+1) on And it turned out that interest in new cars is there, already at 15: 30CET (GMT+1) they had recieved 10 orders.

– “It’s quite a lot of traffic on the website, simply good statistics, said Göran Fredriksson Nevs communication department to TTELA at 16 o’clock.”

Since they have chosen to an early stage of launching the new car to sale it through their website, there were speculations on how big interest would be. And it turned out that the response and the interest in the relatively new sales channel has been pretty good.

“It feels fantastic! It is always difficult to know how it will go, “said Göran Fredriksson”

24 thoughts on “The first new Saabs have been ordered!”

    • Where is the order page? When I view the website nothing has changed since last week. No information, specification or order page to be found anywhere. Even the News page is still showing the 2nd Dec as the latest post. Is the order website only available from Swedish IP addresses perhaps?

        • Thanks! …don’t think anyone outside Sweden can order one, judging from the questions asked. I understand the logic of selling from Sweden only (for the moment) – but don’t know why you would only sell to Sweden if the car is certified for Europe.

          • I think the reason is simple: Warranty, support and service – the organization just isn’t there at the moment. Most customers would probably consider it slightly inconvenient to take the car to Sweden for regular service 😉

    • No, based on what we’re hearing, the Saab order website actually seems to be working on it’s first day. Maybe NEVS web developer can plan a trip to Washington, DC. I’m sure for a fraction of the 600 million dollars we squandered on a website that doesn’t work—-they can start over and build one that DOES work.

      • Now Angelo, I know where your politics lie, and I’m the first to admit that the ACA website was a screwup of massive proportions. But really, the NEVS website is child’s play compared to what they are trying to do with ACA. NEVS = fill in a few blanks. ACA = looks like filling in a few blanks but on the back end trying to pull income information from government records and plan information from dozens of insurance companies and made more difficult by several factors because of refusal by many governors to run their own state exchanges. Nevertheless, NEVS was like a good Saab: clean, simple, easy to maneuver, and fast.

        • Hugh—I agree and was just joking. I don’t think NEVS has to worry about quite as much traffic as the ACA website. Still, considering Amazon and others— was a colossal failure and a really expensive one. You do know where my politics lie—-and you might be surprised to know that in a way, I defend the President on this. He can’t micromanage everything—-and he appointed people to make sure this got done effectively and to a person, every last one of them failed him. He should have fired a few people over this.

    • “Doctor, doctor, give me the news
      I’ve got a bad case of lovin’ you
      No pill’s gonna cure my ill
      I’ve got a bad case of lovin’ you”


  1. From TTELA (by google translate):
    “In addition to the completed orders, we have received further 15 inquiries about to test drive the new car. These will set off after the holidays in mid-January. Where the interest is coming from we have still no idea about.
    – We do not know just yet, but we’ll evaluate it, says Göran Fredriksson”

  2. Very good. It would be interesting to do a small promotional campagne about the first buyers. When they pick up their new Saab, about their relation with the brand (as I expect that the first buyers are Saab fans who are happy that Saab is back and that they can buy a new Saab again).

    Saab did a similar campagne with the new generation 9-5, at least here in The Netherlands that I know of. Would continue on reaching out to the loyal and enthusastic Saab customers, as I really think NEVS cares about that as we can read on their website and during the ress conference when announcing the Saab 9-3 Aero and the fun to drive is back. Actions like these could strengthen that.

  3. This is the news I was hoping to hear. I hope it continues, and I wonder if there is a way Saab fans can help spread the word to help keep the ball rolling and gain momentum. Congratulations to NEVS.

  4. I wonder if you can order from outside Sweden and have a minitrip collecting your new car, that would be great. Anyway it’s great to hear new Saab are roling from the factory.

  5. I love, it is so predictable!!!
    Göran Fredriksson says on TTela that 90 minutes after stating sellng the cars, 10 orders where made. writes on an article that has been updated today at 9:30 (CET)

    A good hour after the online store opened, however no car sold.

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