Tomorrow the internet sale of Saab cars begins

Tomorrow, December 10th at 2pm NEVS will start selling the 9-3 Aero Sedan in Sweden over the internet. Last monday they already released some details about that, but today on a press-release they have disclosed further details.

The cars will be a fully equipped 9-3 Aero, tomorrow we will know what fully equipped means, and will sell for 279 000 SEK with a manual transmission, and you will have to add 10 000 SEK if you want an automatic transmission. We already knew this, but today they’ve also disclosed, that the price will include a 3 years guarantee, 3 years of service and 2 years of road assist.

Although the contract between Orio and NEVS is currently only a “Letter of Intent”, the NEVS Saabs will be serviced by the current Saab genuine service workshops.

The first cars will be delivered in spring 2014, and NEVS is already announcing this cars as a “limited edition”.

The cars will be delivered at the factory, and the buyers will get to talk with NEVS officials and will also get a factory tour.

For my private taste this is a very nice package for a car that despite its age, still looks modern, and with an engine that in 2008 was really good, from the comparisons I made by then.

I don’t expect to see the 9-3 in the top places of the Swedish sales statistics, but I’ll will follow the sales numbers as I did in the past.

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      • In Germany you normally get more money if you sell the car to a private person. If you trade the car in, the garage that is buying your car can’t offer you much money, as it will try to sell the car with a profit, and normally they check and cleanse the cars and have to offer 6 months (I’m not sure) of guaranty if they sell it.

        All in all, you either get more money for the car you trade in or you pay less for the car you’re buying.

        Maybe this will be the main problem, people are used to get some kind of discount or extras for free when they buy a car, no matter how good the price is, on the internet, I suppose you will have to pay the full price.

  1. “I don’t expect to see the 9-3 in the top places of the Swedish sales statistics…”

    It will be an extremely exclusive car with sale numbers near RR, Bentley, Ferrari, Lambo, Koenigsegg (!) etc…
    Best of luck to NEVS in selling this exclusive car, online at that! has a lot of figues for sweden…

  2. Any info on the engin? Any connectionS to BMW or Fiat engins by any chance? Hope is not GM left overs!
    How about the interior, havn’t seen any pix from the instrumentation panel? Does it look like the old 93 design made with the same componenets/material/ light colours?

      • Oh no,they purchased the engines from GM? I thought it was supposed to be GM free after all, I don’t get it!!!
        I know it was pre bankruptcy period, but wasn’t there some BMW engines sitting in the factory at some point of time and getting tested. What happened to those?
        I still love the body design of the 9-3 but even if it was available in my market, I’m not sure if I pay this much for Vauxhall engine under the hood – Sorry to say this NEVS!

        • I think it was stated earlier those engines went back to BMW during the bankruptcy process since Saab had not finished paying for them.

          Also, of all the GM parts in prior Saabs, the engine was not the issue as the Saab engineers had tuned it and made modifications to it. It is/was a good engine.

    • Sounds good. GM engine with 220 hp and turbo. And I am also really happy about the green interior instrument lights. I think it really fits with Saab and hope that NEVS will continue in the design direction for which we all value Saab.

      • Yes, I loved the green instrumentation lighting that I had on my old Saabs too, but how about that same old stereo. I had to rub my eyes when I saw that stereo on the new NEVS 9-3. I’m sorry if I sound like a party pooper here, but come on people – GM used that same stereo which BTW sounded terrible on their cheep Saturns with slightly different nobs about 10 years ago. I’m not sure what NEVS is thinking, they should’ve at least equip the car with some infotainment system that lines up with today’s standards not the left overs from GM era. I wish them good luck with the sales but the reality is there are new players in the market who are offering good products at decent price i.e. KIA

  3. Hi Red
    I had an email correspondence with Mattias Rabe at Teknikens Värld today and he had been in contact with NEVS regarding the absence of facts about the New Car Warranty.
    He later forwarded the answer from NEVS.
    In Sweden the 9-3 comes with :
    2 years of New Car Warranty. Not mentioned in today´s press release.
    3 years Collision Damage Waiver/Insurance.

  4. It’s a real pitty we can’t buy the car in Belgium!!! Can’t we try to purchase one via a Swedish dealer? When can we buy the car in Belgium?

  5. Sounds great! You can buy one from Internet pictures without driving it , can’t trade your old car against it and can bring it to all the old saab dealers to get it serviced! Oops that’s right , they have all closed – all this for 279 000 sek sounds lick a bargain – I’ll take ten of them

  6. I think this is a great bargain for an Aero version, if equipped as I expect an Aero to be. The complaints about price drive me nuts! On another blog, someone complained that you could buy a 3-series BMW starting at 268,000. Wow, a 135 hp engine, cloth seats, zero options. Just wow, comparing that to an Aero version Saab, 220 hp, all leather, auto climate control, etc. If this was available in the USA (minus the 25% VAT of course) I think I would buy it as an investment.
    This is a great accomplishment. I wish the complainers and jokers would just STHU!

    • Exactly, STHU! If you’re not keen on a Saab, why are you even looking at this forum? I would have thought you would all be happy a car was even being produced as it is the first step to more progress.

      I for one hope the car is a success and I can some day be a Saabseller again.

      Quit your belly aching and be happy for NEVS.


        • The 9-3 is 10000 SEK cheaper, and I suspect has more options. Plus it looks much nicer and comes with 3 years worth of free service.

          • Busy: I understand everyone’s euphoria because NEVS has the factory up and running. And I’m happy for them and for the community—hope is a great thing and NEVS has delivered some hope. But this notion that “everything will work out fine because Saab enthusiasts will buy anything for any amount” is hogwash. Please don’t advise people to part with their hard earned money simply because a Saab nameplate is on the car. NEVS has a responsibility (in my opinion) to deliver the right cars at the right prices to keep Saab in business longer than a couple more years. There is an opportunity to rebuild Saab from the ground up—-reaching new markets, reaching new customers, making the brand more popular than ever, with more of them on the road, in more places, than we’ve ever seen. That is not going to happen with a car that is perceived as “overpriced, but great for the Saab enthusiast.” Saab enthusiasts should not be considered moron robots, financial dimwits who will overspend for a car because it has the name Saab on it. NEVS should have to earn our sale—-and “buy because you’re a Saab enthusiast” challenges that in an unhealthy way, I think. I agree with the spirit of supporting the brand, but not at all costs. And Saab seller, I’ll be happier for NEVS when there is more evidence that NEVS is happy for themselves—-that comes in the way of a little happy PR, a little pride shown in the nameplate they now own—a little celebrating in a public way, that they’re cranking out Saabs again—-it shouldn’t be on this blog exclusively that we know about this—-more statements from NEVS, more communication about what they’re doing and when, more about who they are—-would go a long way to making us believe in them. “Buy because you’re a Saab enthusiast” landed them in bankruptcy. They have to sell cars to people who don’t even know yet that they’re Saab enthusiasts. That market has to be cultivated. It won’t happen by luck or karma. NEVS has to take the bull by the horns and get the word out and the sooner the better.

            • My short reaction referred to just to the fact that I do not expect of a SAAB enthusiast on this blog to buy a VOLVO for a little bit more money. If you want to buy one fine with me. You are absolutely right as far for the fast majority of people who want to buy a car may be future SAAB’s. Since the production amount of this ”perceived old” 9-3 is very small, you will have to be an enthusiast of SAAB. (=be able to be one of the first to buy a SAAB again) Nobody else knows you can buy a SAAB again though. The PR of NEVS I have discussed earlier on and I am in agreement with your position on this. But NEVS have an officer in place for this I believe. NEVS stick to ”Press releases” instead of creating a SAAB experience in order to achive what you adequately descibed above.

  7. The longest journey will start with one step. So this might not be the big restart some of us hoped for—-full production, full sales. But at least it’s something. Hopefully NEVS can build on this.

  8. Compared to the 2012 figures the sales will go through the roof…..

    maybe it is actually better to go one step a time and not try to push 3 different cars with 6 different bodies, and numerous variations and not have the financial backing to pull it off…

    I really didn’t think this was going to happen, so I’m happy – keep calm and carry on – as Swade would have said…;-))

    • That’s sort of where I am Swiss. This is better than nothing, which is what we were facing in December of 2011. I think things could have been/could be done better, but it’s a start and maybe they can ramp up from here.

  9. 3 years guarantee, 3 years of service and 2 years of road assist for a well equipped car seems to be a great deal. It also shows real commitment to the buyers, in my opinion.

  10. Is anyone underwriting the guarantee and service? As I recall, all Saabs sold by SWAN came with guarantees, albeit not service, and that proved pretty worthless when SWAN was no longer around to honor them.

    • SWAN SAABs came with service too … 3 years scheduled service. Of course, that went as the new car warranties went …

  11. It will be interesting to see how many people in Sweden will put their money where their mouth is. Back in 2010-2011 many prospective car buyers said they would buy a new Saab but… if only this and that, etc.

    Nevs says there is a demand for Saab 9-3, let’s see if they are right. I have my doubts.

    • I know $42000.00 is a tough pill to swallow for the 9-3. I bought a 2011 9-3 for $27,000 in 2011 and it was an aero manual transmission. If it were the 9-5 no question about it but I’m afraid NEVS is going to have to come to the table a little on this one.

      • My idea was a decontended version to be sold as a price leader—-many, many more people could have afforded this car if it was a base model and many others would be more willing to risk buying if it were cheaper. I wouldn’t have started with a loaded car as the only one—-a loaded 9-3 no less…priced that high. But maybe they know what they’re doing.

        • Angelo, that is what I was hoping for too! A base Saab, 20-23k. However, I believe that it may come next year once they have perfected the production and gov’t regulations in different markets. They are not ready yet for full scale production, so this is a good alternative(better than waiting another 6 months for any type of production), until everything else is in place. It appears that next year they may produce 2 cars, the current 93 as their intro model(cheap), and the new 93N.

    • Not sure how interesting it will be. “The production rate will be very modest, about ten cars a week initially, and then gradually the pace will be increased to meet customers’ demand.” (last week’s press-release)

      The production start is a vital and big step in the right direction, but production-wise there are plenty of steps left until they can deliver the kind of numbers that will make a dent in even the Swedish market. Don’t get your hopes set way high for 2014. This process takes time!

      • Rune: I have a question for you (and Tim, and others) who know about how the factory works. It strikes me that even though these early cars are overpriced (in my opinion), there is something valuable in getting a car that was one of only 10 built in a week. In other words—-you can’t touch a hand built car for this cheap—-and if they are only making 10 cars a week for a while, isn’t that the closest thing most people will ever be able to afford in the way of “hand built?” As recently as the late 1960s/early 1970s, the Cadillac assembly line in Detroit did things a little differently and production rate of a typical Cadillac was slower, with more “hands on” going into the build. People I’ve spoken to (online) who worked at Cadillac back then, said that by 1977, it was much different—-the cars were still good, but the “hand crafted touch” was gone. My question is really, if these early Saabs are getting extra special attention as opposed to a typical production car—-any Audi, BMW, etc. that sells for under 100K? If you are buying one of ten, aren’t you sort of getting a car that has had a lot of attention, hand tightening, etc., like a custom build?

        • I cannot really provide you with an authoritative answer on your query yet, but I strongly doubt there’s more handcrafted production taking place now.

          BTW: Keep in mind that the price includes 25% VAT (+ various extras!). The 9-3 is a big and roomy sedan compared to many, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a cheaper and better equipped car here in Sweden. (Yes, resale value is a big unknown, but we only live once, right?)

          The missing infotainment-system is an issue IMO, but hopefully other aspects of the car will ensure potential customers remain interested.

  12. I’m happy they’re back and as a non Saab owner it would be nice to have one. However, as a big fan the new, Chinese owners seem to be taking some magic away from Saab and with the loss of the 9-5, 94x and even just the old badge I think the company will struggle especially with a model which, although is still very good, is in need of an update after over ten years. In addition, it’s likely that a Chinese company will cut costs which will take even more away from the company, this mostly being its unique selling point of quality and safety. In my opinion the body of the 9-5 should be kept and so should the 94x, but NEVS could develop these cars even further, plus a new 9-3 could following a similar design pattern would also work. Keeping diesel and petrol engines would also help the company as a premium electric car would must likely be very expensive and as a result not many would sell.

  13. I hope that some of you at SU can get out som sales/reservation figures from Nevs about how the first sales day in Sweden work out!

  14. NEVS has so far not opened their WEB store. The cars will be sold only on the WEB. With that in mind comparing with regular dealer sales, the indicated price seam remarkably high. It should be like IKEA, you pick up the goods and put it together yourself, but You and IKEA to some extent share the savings. Here it is clear who is making a profit, and it is not You.
    This talks for a lower price;
    – R&D cost for NEVS on a car that has evoled over 10 years should be low
    – No advertising cost
    – No dealership network with feeding a middleman so to speak
    – No transport costs since buyers pick up the car at the plant.
    – Limited configurations of the car (sedan only etc.)
    – No trade in of the old Saab, having to sell it Yourself on Ebay or Swe. Blocket is often not a pleasant experience, I do not have the time nor the interest in having to show my car to for me unknown people who wants to “test-drive” etc. I met a lot of crazy people when I sold my TurboX some years ago.
    I see the sticker price on this car needs to be slashed with 33%. Or could it be that NEVS want to sell to the price-indifferent Saab enthusiasts. We will see but the price is set way high.

    • You’re missing the point here. Low cost demands huge volumes. In this case it’s very small volumes and a bunch of totally new suppliers with new production tools, new personell and new routines for production and delivery.
      Obviously it can’t have a “low” price at this stage.

      • Roger: If they can sell them for what they’re asking—make a little profit and get things started, the plan is fine. Later, as they ramp up production and do produce in higher volume, I’d be hopeful that their prices will come back to Earth. This is what concerns me: There is some pent up demand for a new Saab and there are people with money to blow—-who will just spend the sky high price to say they own one of the first NEVS. That is a small fraction of the buying public, but it might just be enough to speak for 10 cars a week. However, if NEVS foolishly takes this as a sign that their pricing is in line—-them produces in high volume and keeps the price set at something ridiculous—-they will fall flat on their face and drive Saab into the cemetery again. So sure, I understand your post and can go along with them if they don’t want to “invest” in losing money on each car sold the first few months. But again—-I hope they understand markets/marketing and early sales enough to realize that the price they are charging is too high for long term success.

  15. The big day has arrived and as of now 11:57 am(UK time)no mention of being able to buy a car online at the SAAB website.

    I really think these guys should get their act together — to me they seem half asleep. It does not instil confidence.

    Wake up!

    • David,
      they said last Monday that from the 10th of December at 2:00 pm (Swedish Time) people will be able to buy the car on-line. Why should they do anything a second before 2:00 pm?

      Everything is ready, and at 2:00 pm somebody will press the button and all of the sudden after a reload you will see the on-line store.

      And btw, as it is only for Sweden, you will have to change the language to Swedish to see it.

      • Red J,

        Apologies for that — I thought they were beginning in the morning.

        Great to see it all happening at last — best of luck to the company.

        One minor point: I noticed in the pr photos of the first car being produced there were many people in suits — unlike the last “reveal” where there were blue collar line workers in abundance. It would have been nice.

  16. Google translate does a very good job of translating swedish, so I’ll definitely take a look. But I’m genuinely interested in how many cars they’ll sell in the first few days. If a tree falls in a forest, who hears it? And other than readers of SU and perhaps a few other blogs here or there, who will know that NEVS is open for business and selling Saabs? Has there been any local advertising in Sweden? Has there been any relatively widespread Media coverage so that the average Swedish resident even knows that Saabs are available? No doubt there are NEVS employees that will and some residents of THN that are aware and may buy, but beyond that group, who knows?

  17. Nice to be abe to buy a SAAB again. This how Mini does this in The Netherlands. An online “auction” where you can buy a new Mini and you can ask a dealer for a proposal for your old car. ( NEVS could cooperate with ANA for instance were people can get an offer for there old car.
    The Mini experience: advertorials in magazines, a special site, on YouTube (search: Mini Nederland auctions) It’s in Dutch obviously but this gives you an idea. NEVS could do this in order to create also an online SAAB experience, in addition to the tour in the factory. Good luck NEVS!

  18. Great to see some action from NEVS.
    Obviously the restart in producing SAAB 9 3 2,0 is not where the potential and future success for NEVS lies.
    Its more of a organization – production vetting process, preparing the company for the upgraded SAAB 9 3.0 due next year and in turn leading to the all new Phoenix based car due even later.

    And in the future the resurected Phoenix derivate implementing the electric drivetrain and battery technology will be brought to the market.

    Small babysteps taken towards a more comprehensive and larger roll out of a more modern car and a true NEVS product based on the know-how and production technnology acquired from the SAAB bancrupcy estate.

    I think NEVS have delivered so far – but their low-keyed approach must gradually change into creating a buzz in anticipation of the new modells due later.

    Quite different approach of the publicly held Spyker in terms of communicating with the stakeholders.

    Forza SAAB! ….. and NEVS….!

  19. This seems to be an fantastic buy!! 3 years service and a set of winter-wheels included in the price!! And it is a SAAB! 🙂 ( – not just some German mainstream-stuff… 😉

  20. since my Swedish is pretty limited – could some native speaker please confirm:
    – no Naviagtion available (so far)
    – no Sunroof
    – only one leather color available
    + a set of winter tyres included

    But: I have to say. Good job NEVS!! The price is totally right, very reasonable for a very good 9-3.
    I wish you guys good luck and hope that we will get NEVS Saab to Germany and the rest of the world too!
    Now Swedish Saab Fans put your money where your mouth is and buy!

    • Yes, that’s right.
      No Sunroof, no Navigation only bright interior and only two exterior colours, black and silver.
      I will try to translate and summarize the car specs later in the evening.

      • Google translate…

        Leather-wrapped steering wheel , adjustable for height and reach
        Sport seats in leather trim
        Electrically-operated and heated front seats with adjustable lumbar support
        Matte chrome inlays in door panels , center console and glove box
        Night Panel function
        Trip computer
        Heat absorbing glass
        Sun visors with illuminated mirrors
        Cup holders (2 front, 2 rear )
        Adjustable armrest
        Center armrest , rear , fold-up
        Floor mats in textile

        Automatic Climate Control (ACC) with two climate zones
        Passenger compartment air filter pollen and particulates
        cruise Control
        Parking Sensor Rear
        Rain sensor for windscreen wipers
        Windows, power front and rear
        Locking comfort
        Exterior mirrors, electrically heated
        Interior mirror with automatic anti-glare
        Electronic key with remote central locking
        Automatic light length regulation
        Headrest , on all my space back

        Audio & Communications:
        Saab Infotainment CD Player
        Premium 150 Sound System
        Steering wheel controls for audio and profile system and trip computer
        Profile system for individual settings
        Radio antenna in the rear windscreen

        Practical details:
        Centre console with armrest and covered storage space
        coin holder
        12V socket in center console , front , and storage space between the seats
        Folding rear seat , wholly or partially ( 60/40)
        ski hatch
        Tyre repair kit

        Body and exterior:
        Alloy wheel 10-spoke ( Turbine ) 18 ” ( AL90 ) with tires 225/45
        Sports suspension , lowered 10 mm
        Day time running lights in the front spoiler
        Dual sports exhaust
        Color matched bumpers and side skirts
        Colour matched door mirrors
        Radiator grille in matt metal finish
        Headlight cleaning with high-pressure flushing
        Bi- xenon headlights with cornering light , the ice block design
        Rear fog lights

        Security & Theft Protection:
        Anti-lock brakes (ABS) with electronic brake force distribution (EBD ) , Brake Assist (EBA ) and brake control during cornering (CBC)
        Electronic Stability System (ESP ® )
        Tyre pressure monitoring
        Airbags for driver and passenger side , two stage
        Airbag Deactivation on the passenger side , including status indicator
        Anti- whiplash protection
        Side impact protection incl. ceiling-mounted inflatable curtain , front side airbags , beam systems and safety padding
        ComSense system
        Trepunktssäkerhetsbälten and headrests for all seating positions
        Low mounting points , front and rear
        Isofix mountings for child seats , Rear
        Upper attachment point for children , rear seat
        Seat belt
        Load securing loops in luggage compartment
        Immobilizer and anti-theft lock
        Anti-theft alarm
        Security Lighting : Exit signs and ” follow-me -home ‘ function

        Technology and Performance/engine Specs:
        Type Four-cylinder in-line engine in aluminum. Double overhead camshafts . 16 valves. Dual variable valve timing . Twin balance shafts. Direct injection . Twin- scroll turbocharger . Intercooler . Direct Ignition with a coil per cylinder.
        Volume , dm3 1998
        Max power , kW (hp ) EEC / at rpm 162 (220) at 5300
        Max torque Nm EEC / at rpm 350 at 2000-4000
        fuel 95
        Front suspension MacPherson struts with gas-hydraulic shock absorbers, lower A- shaped wishbone and stabilizer is .
        Rear suspension duel suspension of multi-link type ( four links per wheel ) . Coil springs , gas-hydraulic shock absorbers, stabilizer bar .
        Steering Power Steering ( electro-hydraulic )
        Brake system front / rear vented / ventilated
        Diameter front / rear mm 302/292
        Fuel tank capacity 62 liters
        Kerb weight , kg 1580 – 1620
        Maximum gross vehicle weight , kg 1985 – 2000
        Maximum roof load , kg 100
        Maximum trailer weight , kg 1600
        Cargo volume , dm3 461

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