Yesterdays sales of the Saab 9-3 Aero 2014


Yesterday at 14:00CET (GMT+1) the sales started for the new Saab through Nevs website. It was a great start of the sale because they received a total of 15 orders of new Saabs throughout the day.

-“It is pleasing that we directly met an interest that also led to the ordered cars. And our first customer in Trollhättan actually visited me yesterday afternoon. We are humble but also hopeful for future sales. Many people have heard of and want to make an appointment for a test drive, which starts in January “– Jonas Hernqvist, Nevs Sales Manager


15 thoughts on “Yesterdays sales of the Saab 9-3 Aero 2014”

    • Busy,
      we are nobody’s press office.
      SU has published in the past press releases coming from Saab Automobile AB, and we will keep doing this, if the news are of interest for our readers.

      I think many people here are interested in knowing what happened yesterday, and as that piece of news has only been published in Swedish, and not all readers understand Swedish. We think that publishing that press release here in English is a service for our readers that they appreciate.

  1. It’s a good time to buy a Saab. I still say, if they are building about a dozen cars a week (They said 10), those cars are getting supreme attention to detail. You’re getting a great effort for your money. Two other things occur to me: The 9-3 is still competitive when it comes to looks, inside and out. And although it’s been pointed out that some lower or similarly priced competition has more/newer amenities, in the end, after a few years of ownership—-the basics are what matter most. And here, the basics are a proven platform that’s fun to drive, safe and “still a Saab.” I own a ’93 BMW 325i and I’m rewarded every time I drive that car. It’s exhilarating. It doesn’t have a fraction of the “new stuff” that even a KIA Forte has—-but to drive it is to love it. I suspect 9-3 owners feel the same way. A contractor who does work for my company bought a used 9-3 that feels tight and runs great. Yep, there’s a used market for them too—-but the opportunity to buy a new one is now there for some people and if you’re in the market for a new car and you are a Saab guy or gal—-it’s definitely worth a long look. I don’t know how the resale value of these early 9-3s will be—I suspect not good. But unless the car is totaled or stolen, it’ll be a keeper anyway. Every year that goes by with my ’04 9-5, the relative poor resale matters less and less.

    • I agree. I am not so much concerned with resale value on my 06′ 9-3SS Aero, nor my 03′ 9-5 Aero. My intention is to drive them into the ground, or until Saab comes back to the states.

    • What?!?
      I just can’t believe what I see. I well balanced comment, and also related to the subject?!?
      Thank you A.V!!
      For the last 12 month, you have driven me nuts, you made me stop reading SU for 3 full month and you made me stop commenting at all since every article became a way for you to shout out your misshap of nevs way of doing things.

      This makes me smile, makes me think that I was wrong and gives me hope.

      If you, of all, can accepts nevs way. Then there is hope.

      What happened?

      And by the way, thx A.V for the balenced comment!

      • Well, this isn’t the only positive comment I have posted RE NEVS. I generally call it like I see it—and for the most part, I’ve been consistent that I think NEVS has done a decent job from an operational standpoint (technical/business decisions pertaining to production start up) and I have been most critical of them with regard to the marketing/outreach side. NEVS has given me reason to be encouraged from time to time—-but then long periods of them being missing in action and no website updates, no nurturing of the brand/followers. But I think seeing a car produced and the reality of cars for sale—-even very few cars and even an unorthodox way to buy them—-put things in a new, positive light for me. I guess I also came to realize what a daunting task it was for them to get this far in two years—-new suppliers, restart at the factory, etc. And if the alternative was Saab out of business, gone and forgotten—-seeing this car built made me realize that Saabs made for China and Sweden keep hope alive that they will come back to the U.S. too. I’m not ready to coronate NEVS as the new king of business and car making—-but it’s a good time to let them spread their wings a little.

  2. I looked in on the Saab website today and it is not immediately obvious how one would go about buying a car. I looked through all of the pages but found no place dedicated to a description of the car’s features or price or how to purchase.

    Maybe after selling 15 online they feel overloaded.

    Most mysterious —

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