Tomorrow the internet sale of Saab cars begins

Tomorrow, December 10th at 2pm NEVS will start selling the 9-3 Aero Sedan in Sweden over the internet. Last monday they already released some details about that, but today on a press-release they have disclosed further details.

The cars will be a fully equipped 9-3 Aero, tomorrow we will know what fully equipped means, and will sell for 279 000 SEK with a manual transmission, and you will have to add 10 000 SEK if you want an automatic transmission. We already knew this, but today they’ve also disclosed, that the price will include a 3 years guarantee, 3 years of service and 2 years of road assist.

Although the contract between Orio and NEVS is currently only a “Letter of Intent”, the NEVS Saabs will be serviced by the current Saab genuine service workshops.

The first cars will be delivered in spring 2014, and NEVS is already announcing this cars as a “limited edition”.

The cars will be delivered at the factory, and the buyers will get to talk with NEVS officials and will also get a factory tour.

For my private taste this is a very nice package for a car that despite its age, still looks modern, and with an engine that in 2008 was really good, from the comparisons I made by then.

I don’t expect to see the 9-3 in the top places of the Swedish sales statistics, but I’ll will follow the sales numbers as I did in the past.

New Poster: First 2014 Aero

Poster Saab A2 21 600

Last Monday NEVS presented the first 9-3 of model year 2014. We are very happy that we got the ok to print a poster of that very model that is now available in the SaabsUnited-Store on Not only that it is a special car, I personally love the color cobination of that picture – classic black and yellow.

In addition to that new product the poster sale has been extended to the entire rest of the portfolio. Check it out here.

Nevs #002; (future) model choices

After the photo session, Rikard and I had a brief chat with Frank Smit, Vehicle Program Manager to clarify a few things.

Nevs are currently targetting China. There is currently only one model on the line, and that is the 9-3 Aero 220 bhp sedan. There are no Biopower or XWD options. XWD adds weight and drives up fuel consumption and adds no clear benefit in warmer climates. Plus there is no ethanol framework in place in China. So two of our favorite Saab technologies have currently been shelved, but may resurface at a later date. Finally, there is no demand for diesel in China, so I guess we won’t be seeing the 1.9 TTiD again any time soon either. “We have to start somewhere”.

The upcoming facelift is designed in-house in Trollhättan. No names were named, but Frank emphasized that they are doing this locally.

This new and slightly improved Griffin comes with a greater number of non-GM parts. Frank pointed out that they have involved Orio when designing replacements, so Frank says a number of these components will fit older 9-3s and this should help ensure that parts for the 9-3 will be readily available in the future.

Oh, that convertible mentioned in one of the slides? There will be an EV version of that too. The EV versions no longer removes a third of the backseat and they will have similar weight distribution as their petrol cousins. “Around 50-50, with a little more weight added to the front probably. These are, after all, FWD.”

A few pictures after the jump.

Read moreNevs #002; (future) model choices

Live on web-TV: First Nevs 9-3!


Now it’s not long time until the first ordinary Saab from Nevs leaves the production line in Trollhättan. As many of  you may know it’s a 9-3 Aero, and you guys can follow this directly via various Swedish TV broadcasters web-TV services. Naturally, they speak swedish and it’s not texted, but you can still enjoy the pictures!
I will here link to the different broadcasters I know will send direct from the factory. There may be some of the broadcasters who not allow non-Swedish IP-adresses, but I know TV4 will work abroad. Click on the different links, and it will open in a new window. TV4 start their show 12:55 local time (CET / GMT +1:00), SVT start theirs at 13:00.


SaabsUnited Advent Calendar Sale


Since today the first door is to be opened we decided to sell off the last pieces of our SaabsUnited Advent calendar at heavy discount. It is now available for Euro 5,90 instead of 9,90.

Whilst you are visiting and the SaabsUnited Store don’t miss our other products. Besides a wide range of posters we also offer a bit of seasonal stuff like Christmas cards, wrapping papers and even two different sleds.

We also have the European license plate frames back in stock and a few of the known SaabsUnited keyrings along with the decals the crew had on their cars on the Saab Festival.

Be aware that the 10% discount can still be obtained with the code SAABXMAS until the 24th of December.

SOTW w48 “Swedish Edition”

This SOTW belongs to Adi from Oskarshamn, Sweden.
Adi’s greeting: “Hello! Here is my contribution to “SOTW”. This is a 9-3 Aero MY04, which I immediately after purchase in October 2010 facelifted to the ’08 look, and later  ’12 look. When I bought the car it had 25800kms on the odometer, today it has 36400kms on it. The car has never seen snow or salt, which means that it is absolutely in mint condition.”

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