Growing Up With Saab

If you are reading this, then we have all made through another year. This week will probably be a week of cleaning and getting back to normal for most after a festive Christmas season, so not much Saab news.

So what better time to look at another of the Saab oddities out there and this time it involves kids. Being a father, this one caught my eye and I really wish we had something like this here. About a month ago I was flipping through Facebook and came across a photo posted by another Saab fan of a Children’s Museum. What made this so different was that this was an interactive museum where kids got to learn about the city around them. They were allowed to pretend they were grownups and use their minds and imaginations away from a TV or video game. One of the jobs they get to do there is to be a Saab mechanic and it is very life like (check out their Saab shirts in the photo). The company ExPrt specializes in interactive museum displays and seem to be able to recreate anything. When contracted by their client Betty Brinn Children’s Museum in Milwaukee to build the service center, I think they outdid themselves.

What the kids get here is a fully interactive car care center. Kids or adults are able to check under the hood, change tires and exhaust. They can even book appointments at the service desk.

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