Happy New Year!

From all of us Saabsunited crew members, I wish you all a Happy New Year!


Till would normally write this, but the doctor put a splint in his arm and the task has fallen on me to write a few words.

2014 has been another odd year for us Saab fans. NEVS are struggling on after making only a handful 9-3s. It was not the revival we had hoped, but I choose to remain positive and supportive of their future endeavors. Our 9-5 and 9-3 are still young cars and I will make sure they last ten or fifteen years if that is what it takes. But in short, another annus horribilis for sure.

For me personally, 2014 was somewhat of a roller-coaster figuratively speaking. I had to attend three funerals: My sister’s dad, a dear friend from school and a neighbor (and father of my best friend). At one point I told my friend to order his dad to keep going, cancer be damned. “I am not attending another funeral!” were my explicit instructions. If only life was that simple. Just like a Swedish car manufacturer that produces impeccably designed safe and fast vehicles with soul, the end was inevitably nigh. No, I am not a bitter man; at least not in public.

Then, on November 3rd, my son Nils was born. He screamed like a banshee leaving the hospital, but calmed down upon spotting the Saab. We took Anna’s 9-3 going to the hospital, and I fetched them a few days later in my 9-5. Being somewhat of a nutter, I kind of hoped that Anna would deliver Nils in the Saab, but all things considered the hospital was probably the best place for the activity at hand. Nils weighed in at 3.8 kg and had about as much hair as me. I do not know what the future holds, but I do know I will accept whatever life-style choices Nils will be making, as long as he drives a Saab.

2015 can only get better. It has to.

Saab Club Belgium organized a tour of the Cribs

Kerststallentocht_3 Kerststallentocht_1 Kerstallentocht_2December 27th, in the North of Belgium 22 Saab cars gathered for a tour of the cribs. A tour in which we passed 13 cribs. So far the winter here was mild, in fact far too mild. But on this day the first snow did hit the ground in Northern Belgium (Antwerp province).In a beautiful white landscape all the 22 teams (two Saabs from The Netherlands came down for this event) drove this 60 KM tour and could visit each and every crib along the way. We started with coffee and at the arrival there was warm soup for everyone. This was a gorgeous way to start the Christmas holiday and the Saabs did do so well in the snow.

SOTW, Snow loving Griffin

Niels-Søren Bøgh from Denmark sends us some beautiful wintery pictures of his 9-3x

This is my wife’s 9-3X TTiD 200 Griffin Hirsch MY12 on small trip to the nature. The place is called the “Frost wally” and was formed by the last ice age. For those who like nature, snow and Saabs – here are some winter pictures that speak for them self!

Between the pips is a badge installed from a classic 900 Turbo… this has become a family trend!

This is after my opinion the car NEVS should have had their focus on in TTiD, BioPower and ePower. And my biggest dream is the TTiD  with the eAAM system…  Merry Xmas!

Thank you very much for this weeks SOTW, bigger pictures can be found here


The only way to get a tree home,,,,,

Our friend Paul, over at SVS, shows the world “the only way” to get a large Christmas tree home.

This year’s annual festive dash to collect the Christmas Tree was a little late this year; just 5 days before Christmas.

As usual, my son and I drove to a nearby country estate to choose the perfect tree, all the regular sized trees had gone, leaving only 10ft+ trees. After a great conversation with the farmer and some festive bartering, we ended up with a rather lovely 11ft Christmas tree.

It’s part of the tradition to get one a little too tall but we persevered, dropped the hood on the Aero convertible, lowered the passenger seat, and in it went, ok, so it may have been hanging over the boot slightly, but this is England, it’s ok to be eccentric.

Heater and seats on full, we triumphantly returned home, the smell of the pine needles and crisp blue sky adding to the joy of a topless Winter’s drive – perfect.

Happy Christmas everyone.

Richard’s Out of Africa finding

I know she was a Dane but ..it seemed fitting. There I was driving down a dusty road in the middle of Kampala’s soul-destroying traffic and there it was:

As the owner of a 91′ Plantana Grey SPG convertible, my heart stopped. The car was more Mad Max than Springtime in Sweden but I admired the owners ingenuity in dealing with the local conditions and ..lack of parts supply. The car was a little worse for wear ..and oddly an automatic. Some ex-pat Saab-lover no doubt shipped it in at some point and the enthusiastic new owner has done his best to uphold it’s dignity.

I still prefer mine

Thank you Richard for the great photos.


SOTW, Sonett coming together


I thought to change things up a bit it might be interesting to show a current restoration in progress. I’ve owned my 1971 Sonett (71501207) since August 1979. I bought her from Jack Lawrence (he used it as a pace car) and she was real transportation for the first few years, then becoming a summer fun car. Being exposed to WNY winter salt, she was suffering from typical Sonett chassis rust, so I decided it was time solve it. After a couple of light fixes, I concluded she deserved better, and began a complete restoration a few years back. Attached is an image of the restored chassis, with suspension and drive train installed. As the second image illustrates, she now can more than hold up her own weight. With some luck, she’ll be back on the road this summer. Hopefully this story will encourage other Saab owners to do the same. It has been a fun yet challenging project.

Best regards,

Todd Gustavson
Rochester, NY

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