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As we already mentioned a few weeks ago we at cardyourcar.eu took over the distribution of Hirsch Performance merchandise.

Additionally we managed to get hold of a whole lot of parts that did not show up on their homepage anymore. Right now most products we can offer are for the first generation 9-3 and 9-5. Among the parts are intercoolers and exhaust parts as well as interior items like door handles and carbon dashboards, mostly at pretty heavy discounts compared to the original price.

Take some time to explore our shop and find rare things like a silver carbon dahboard that was made as a prototype during the development of the Troll R or the last few Turbochargers that were tailormade for the 305 hp kit for the 9-3. Be aware that for almost all off those items it’s the last stock that will be available.

Even a few genuine Saab intercoolers for the 2.8T 9-3 II found their way into our shop.

Actually we are still going through the lot and it is pretty sure that more and other stuff will show up. If you want to keep updated feel free to like our facebook page where all new products are posted as they are added to the shop.

Great Western Saabs January Stroll

Last weekend saw the recently formed Dragon Saab SOC Group team up with the annual Great Western Saab’s January stroll in Bristol UK.

P1030683 Having attended this event in the past as an individual It was fantastic to now be attending with our new Welsh group, Dragon Saab. Sadly I was unable to take the 900 this year and so the ever trusty 9000 Aero came to the rescue!

The day began with me collecting my good friend Chris Redmond then making our way to a local service area where  we met up with the rest of those from Dragon Saab to make the Welsh convoy of 5 cars. Once all gathered we headed to Bristol where we met up with Great Western Saabs group and where the two convoys then became one comprising of some 16 cars!

From there we took a scenic drive through Bristol,s Avon Gorge arriving in Queens Square for the monthly Avenue car meet. This event really is a fantastic gathering of various motoring marques where you will see everything from the weird to the wonderful all set in a beautiful Georgian park area in the heart of Bristol, surrounded by trees and cobbled streets.

The unscheduled arrival of so many Saabs’ certainly made an impact! The square is dotted with lovely little cafe’s where you can stop for a welcome coffee or snack. We then headed in SAAB convoy through the city and over the historic suspension bridge to a lovely pub for our pre arranged lunch before all going our separate ways. This was an all round good day, very informal, relaxed and above all else extremely welcoming. If any other owners or enthusiasts wish to join us on future events then please do not hesitate to contact me here or on [email protected]

Some fantastic pictures can be seen at these sites.     http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157639950145564/

http://www.flickr.com/photos/theavenuedriversclub/      https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fiz9r63adqkrl5d/yV8QDpw7of?n=66146648


Legal Snippets (the “sue ’em” edition)

Vladimir AntonovBeherman, the former Dutch importer of Saab, have decided to take GM to court. AutoWeek.nl writes (if my google translation is anything to go by) that one reason could be GM’s refusal to let Spyker partner up with Youngman. GM’s last-minute refusal came at a point where there were no alternatives left.
That lawsuit is probably going to be a long shot, but maybe a recent interview with Carl-Peter Forster might help their case. “Jesus! GM had not invested in Saab’s product line for twelve years. When I started in 2005, I said: We must invest two billion dollars very soon. We have to make four new models.” Then the financial crisis hit in 2008. “It was very frustrating. We started investing too late.”.
Finally, Vladimir Antonov faced a setback earlier today as a British judge decided to extradite Antonov to Lithuanian authorities. Antonov’s lawyer indicates that he is going to appeal the ruling.

h/t Thomas, Paul and others.

Book review: “A Man Called Ove”

We rarely conduct book reviews here, but when a book as hilarious as “A Man Called Ove” pops up, using the word “Saab” no less than 120 times, then we probably should say a few words. The novel is penned by Swedish author Fredrik Backman, but good news everybody: An English translation is in the works!

Ove, a widower at 59, is a devoted Saab owner living in Sweden. I do not see Ove as the kind of man likely to turn up at our festivals and similar, but a devoted non-turbo fan nonetheless (at one point Ove drives a 9000i). I suspect that for Ove, driving Saab comes natural and he sees little reason to celebrate this because there really is no alternative for him.

The book explores Ove’s persona which his surroundings perceive as ‘bitter grumpy old man’. Ove sometimes asks himself why one is considered grumpy, just because one isn’t walking around with a fake smile plastered on his face all the time.

As the novel progresses, Ove’s passion for Saab reveals itself. The origin of his interest in Saab is a lovely story that needs to be told in full, so I won’t drop too many spoilers here, but suffice to say that he over the course of an entire life goes through all the classic models, starting with the 92 inherited from his father. A car he takes apart and

Read moreBook review: “A Man Called Ove”

Saab Events this Weekend

ssc-czech-brno-There are a couple of Saab related events happening this weekend that we know off.

First one is the 4th Swiss Fondue Meeting organised by Dimitri and Fred. Taking place in the Swiss Alps amongst the snow so make sure you have your snow tyres or chains on if you are visiting this popular event.

More details can be found by looking in the Events Page to the right of the screen.

Also advertised in the Events Section is the Czech and Slovakia Saab Convoy on Sunday, please see the notes that Tomas has written and follow the links to more information.

Please let us know if you join in with either of these events and we will happily post a few pictures.
Contact the SU crew or me directly if you wish (robin.kerry at virgin.net)

Have a great weekend and enjoy your Saab events where ever they are.

Insincere Imitation

Today was the first media day in Detroit, and three new Asian car manufacturers released their concept cars showing the direction of future styling. Is it just me, or is the wraparound glass, blacked out A-pillar and roof graphic a bit Saab? Sure there have been a few cars with notable blacked out A-pillars like the Range Rover and the Nissan GTR has been doing it for a little while (though well after the Aero X hit the scene). These new concepts just came across as blatant xerox copies in my eyes.

It kills me to see them harvesting the ideas of Saab designers from a decade ago, while the brand languished and is only now getting back to a crawl.

wraparoundThat Kia even took the hockey stick and proportions of the C-pillar from the NG 9-5 really sticks out to me. Classy.

Saab Dealer Video’s

One of my good friends, Chris Redmond  has sent me an email showing three interesting dealer videos which some may not have seen.

Here are the links which I hope provide some enjoyable viewing.




Dutch Saab dealers order new Saabs

Several Dutch Saab dealers have ordered new Saabs with the help of a Swedish intermediary. After Ruud Blokhuis, who has three Saab centres in the Netherlands, Driessen Autogroup also placed an order.

According to an article on BovagKrant the new Saab 9-3 Aero Sedans will be presented in the showrooms of Blokhuis in May 2014. For now it is mentioned Blokhuis has ordered three models. The Dutch entrepreneur aims at a positive impuls for the brand experience in the Netherlands. “Saab is and remains a niche brand. We don’t expect to realise substantial sales numbers, but we predominantly focus on the Saab enthusiasts who would love to again drive a new Saab. (…) When there is serious interest we will of course pick up more Saabs from Sweden.” Sales prices and terms of delivery are not yet known.

Also Driessen Autogroup jumped at the opportunity to supply loyal Saab customers with new Saabs, according to an article on Automotive Online. “We have a big and loyal group of Saab fans in Brabant (province of the Netherlands) who are without a doubt happy with this initiative”, says Jeroen Smits, Chief Operational Officer at Driessen Autogroup. Smits also recognizes an interesting opportunity for the business market with the upcoming electric Saab 9-3.

These interesting and positive actions follow the initiative of the Swedish Saab dealer who ordered a couple of new Saabs for his customers, as mentioned here on SU earlier on. It sounds like a good business case for Saab centres. They know loyal Saab customers who want to buy a Saab and they do them a huge favour. Of course it’s a relatively big investment for the companies involved, but they could for example work with a pre-order system.

Hopefully this news can inspire other Saab dealers, at least for now all over Europe. Imagine if multiple dealers per country would order a couple of Saabs, the total sales numbers of new Saabs could get a significant boost during the restart of production. Of course the sale of these first cars can have an advantage as the demand side of fans has been waiting for some time, so it’s no guarantee for a steady increase of sales numbers, but it’s an important start with a hopefully global future of Saab and its future models in mind. Customers waiting for a new Saab can be adequately serviced with a new Saab, and Saab centres can continue working with new Saabs, hereby definitely improving the Saab experience in the respective markets.

Maybe ask your trusted Saab centre about the possibilities, and who knows what little but valuable impulses we can offer for the Saab brand together.

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