A Rare Opportunity

I have just spotted this car for sale on Car and Classic website. I think this has to be a perfect opportunity for one of our devoted family to acquire this model with such a fantastic pedigree.

I have posted this as I feel it is a car that really should remain in the hands of the Saab community. Lets just hope it goes to an appreciative owner. For those of you outside the UK who may be wondering what the XS is it was u UK specific trim level.


5 thoughts on “A Rare Opportunity”

  1. First: Happy Newyear to all on SAABsUnited!

    This extremly nice SAAB 9000 XS 2.0i, with this low milage, is up for sale at least from the end of september 2013 and it suprises me that this beauty isn’t sold at this moment.

    About july 2013 there was another exemple of this kind of SAAB 9000 for sale, same colour, also of the year 1991 and that one had even 1.300 miles less as this one. That other one had about 52.700 miles and as another different detail: different J licenceplates.

    Both cars have got the same extra’s and that are as example this kind of aloy wheels, rear spolier, wiper on the rear window, red/white/orange reflection panel between the rear lights, light coloured wooden dashboard, the mounted radio (is same in both cars) and the last thing i can see the rubber floormats (which in both car are the same). The radio and floormats can possibliy not make part of the XS package, that is what i don’t know.
    The only thing i can’t understand by such a luxury car is that there is no airconditioning and/or cruise-control.

    • Are you sure there is no air con? looks like the a/c button beneath the heater controls. I had an older 2.3 SE that had both a/c and cruise. This looks a nice car if more than a little expensive , they are becoming rarer.

    • I have had a few early 9K’s.

      I think this is a non turbo fuel injection version @ 130bhp which was a fairly low priced version [as compared to the turbo versions].

      It looks like the Air con is the manual version, not the automatic climate control.

      The Radio [Saab in those days, stated it preferred the customer to choose the audio equipment] looks like a blaupunkt, which was often found as an optional extra offered in Saab dealer showrooms.

      It is good to see the rear decor panel [between the rear lights] still has it’s full colour, the Orange always faded on these models]

  2. If this car is as nice as the photos appear then 1495 pounds seems almost free … I haven’t seen one as nice as this for a long time.

    Buy it, buy it, buy it …


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