Events of 2014, (re-posted).

As The New Year gets underway I was thinking about all the great events that our Saabs attended in 2013. The biggest Saab Event for us at SU was the Festival in Trollhattan which included the convoy from Germany, but also the international in The UK, The European gathering in Huy and my own Swedish Day in England and the Swedish Car show in America. There were many others, also tours, gatherings and meetings around the world which many of us attended and took part in.


On the right hand side of the page you will see a list of events that are happening in 2014 and I would like you to help me fill it up. Be it a small get together or a nice tour, if its open to others please let us know and we will publish it for all to see. Please send your event details to the SU team or to me directly (robin.kerry @ and we will let the World know.

10 thoughts on “Events of 2014, (re-posted).”

  1. When does the Trollhatten fest happen in 2014? Also isnt there a Saab festeval as well as a Saab owners club event in the United States?

    Thank you for posting these great events.

      • Look forward to that. I know the design is being performed in house which I think is great. Any idea about HUD with the new one or other interesting details?? I hope we get a taste, perhaps a sketch or something to keep us all enthused about it?

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