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Hirsch Performance Jacket
Hirsch Performance Jacket

Just after Christmal Hirsch Performance spread the news that they are re-manufacturing a number of parts for the 9-3. It’s more than a coincedence that at the end of last year we at cardyourcar managed to enter an agreement with Hirsch Performance to sell their merchandise stuff.

From today we are selling off the articles they still had in stock at special pricing and step by step new things will be added to the portfolio on our site. Of course you can cross shop those items with the other things that are offered from SaabsUnited and cardyourcar itself. Have a look at it and be aware that most things are only available in very limited number.

On another note, owners of elder Saab models should stay tuned next week as they will be able to find some nice Swiss goodies for their cars at our shop. More on that soon.

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Any chance the Hirsch Jackets will be available in large at any point?


…and where do i buy it?


Make the Hirsch jacket from a reputable known brand not the regular cheap-o stuff found in the print on textile industry. Go for something from the Swedish brands Sail Racing or Peak Performance. Or why not back to the Saab Salomon roots….

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