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As we already mentioned a few weeks ago we at cardyourcar.eu took over the distribution of Hirsch Performance merchandise.

Additionally we managed to get hold of a whole lot of parts that did not show up on their homepage anymore. Right now most products we can offer are for the first generation 9-3 and 9-5. Among the parts are intercoolers and exhaust parts as well as interior items like door handles and carbon dashboards, mostly at pretty heavy discounts compared to the original price.

Take some time to explore our shop and find rare things like a silver carbon dahboard that was made as a prototype during the development of the Troll R or the last few Turbochargers that were tailormade for the 305 hp kit for the 9-3. Be aware that for almost all off those items it’s the last stock that will be available.

Even a few genuine Saab intercoolers for the 2.8T 9-3 II found their way into our shop.

Actually we are still going through the lot and it is pretty sure that more and other stuff will show up. If you want to keep updated feel free to like our facebook page where all new products are posted as they are added to the shop.

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Eric W

Do you expect to receive more parts for the ’03-’12 9-3? I only see the 2.8T intercooler as of now.


Thanks a lot for organising this, much appreciated.

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