Legal Snippets (the “sue ’em” edition)

Vladimir AntonovBeherman, the former Dutch importer of Saab, have decided to take GM to court. writes (if my google translation is anything to go by) that one reason could be GM’s refusal to let Spyker partner up with Youngman. GM’s last-minute refusal came at a point where there were no alternatives left.
That lawsuit is probably going to be a long shot, but maybe a recent interview with Carl-Peter Forster might help their case. “Jesus! GM had not invested in Saab’s product line for twelve years. When I started in 2005, I said: We must invest two billion dollars very soon. We have to make four new models.” Then the financial crisis hit in 2008. “It was very frustrating. We started investing too late.”.
Finally, Vladimir Antonov faced a setback earlier today as a British judge decided to extradite Antonov to Lithuanian authorities. Antonov’s lawyer indicates that he is going to appeal the ruling.

h/t Thomas, Paul and others.

2 thoughts on “Legal Snippets (the “sue ’em” edition)”

  1. Soon time for a global class action against GM ???. Many people lost substantial values when the market got affraid that there would not be any spare parts for used SAAB´s.

  2. Interesting development around the world. C-P Forsters words are really something that I did NOT expect from GM.
    My old historic rallying teammate Vladimir Antonov seams to have to face the Lithuanian law on a court. How hard is it to suddenly disappear in the UK? Or emigrate to a Caribbean island. VA is “free” on bail.

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