Classic cars reinvented: Car icons back from the dead.

Isn’t it wonderful how some motoring marques are just never forgotten?

Indeed, they leave a lasting impression which shows how far advanced they were for there age and how forward thinking those manufacturers were. I have just spotted this article from MSN who decided to compile a list of retro cars but with a 2014 twist to them.

Upon opening the article I wondered if our beloved brand would in some way be recognised……… I will let you discover for yourselves if SAAB was remembered from the hundreds of marques they could have chosen. Please note the editorial below each picture.

Click on this link then click: Car icons back from the dead.



7 thoughts on “Classic cars reinvented: Car icons back from the dead.”

  1. Some great recreations there, I like the Alfa Guilia especially, that looks superb. Some horrid recreations as well, but then when you look at the original car you can understand why!

  2. Interesting how many Italian and French cars were recreated. I would loved to have seen the front of the SAAB because it certainly had the DNA that Victor always talked about.

    One of my favorites was the Citroen DM the new rendition is simply stunning. The DM is very rare with its Maserati engine and
    I am very lucky to have a white one right next to my SPG, in the Wisconsin Auto Museum.

  3. Some of the drawings are awesome. Much nicer than a lot of recent new cars. His take on the four door Continental is stunning and I’d give «an arm and a leg» for the Austin Heally. The 92 is not bad either!

    • The original Ami 6 must be included as another design that is difficult to “outdo” as evidenced by a listing on at $32,000US.

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