Special Offers on cardyourcar.eu

9-3 II einzel 2

Until tomorrow, Feb. 18th 2014 CET we have some special offers on all exhaust related items on cardyourcar.eu.

Additionally we keep finding nice and rare things from the Hirsch Performance portfolio so there is always something new to see. You are welcome to visit us and explore our shop.

Note: the shop system decided to end the sale before time – it’s now up again.

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I have this system on my ’04 Aero. It actually gets longer by 25-30mm when it gets up to temperature. Then the noise changes. When cold it is taught and refined. When the engine is quite hot the exhaust note drops, the volume increases and sonic resonances give more performance. When the car cools, the exhaust tip retracts to be flush with the bumper. The character it gives the car is very Saab and very sporty.

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