Chris goes to the NEC

Remember our request about Chris? well he would like to thank everybody who helped him get an invite to be on the “Practical Classics Magazine” stand at the NEC later in the year.

Hi all

Practical Classics called me today to let me the good news that I’ve made it to the final 10 for the Practical Classics Restorer of the Year with the Saab 900 T16S

It had the majority vote from the web ‘wild card’ vote but it wasn’t needed as it also won the postal vote from the magazine

To say that I am chuffed is a massive understatement, It’s just wonderful that amongst all of the traditional classic’s the youngest car and therefore the ‘underdog’ in my opinion has done so well. It shows that times are changing and cars from the 1980’s are becoming very desirable to classic car enthusiasts. It also shows the Saab 900 has now properly gained classic status.

Thank you all for your votes and support, next stop the NEC

Show details and website

Hope to see some of you there!!!



Chris with his trophy that he won at Swedish Day, hope he collects another one at the NEC

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Martin T16s

Naturally we all wish Chris the very best of luck. This car would most certainly be a very worthy winner so lets do our bit to ensure it is. As Chris himself says, it is not just for him but also recognition of the Saab 900 achieving richly deserved “classic” status.

David Dallimore

Totally agree Martin. Cannot think of a better car/owner combination.
Chris’ enthusiasm for SAABs should ensure a worthy winner.
Good luck Chris, good luck SAAB!


See you there.


Chris, i will see you there and congrats again for even getting to the finals


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