900 Classic Wooden Gear Knobs

Many of you will remember that Saab once produced a great wooden gear knob as an accessory for the 900 Classic. Romain, from RBM Performance, has got together with a local manufacture to produce a couple of versions of this great and wanted product.

“Many of SAAB 900 classic owners were asking for WALNUT / WOOD gearknob. This accessorie is no more available from saab. We at RBM performance decided to produce this part again with the help of a quality wood part automaker.You ‘ll now find this very high quality wood gearknob on our webshop in two types of walnut : dark one ou light one. This part is exclusively available from rbmperformance.com
the light version:
the darker one:
We also provide the genuine saab NARDI wood steering wheel as seen on last picture:

best regards

R. Mariani
RBM Performance


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Angelo V.

That dash looks SO GOOD! The gear knob looks like a perfect finishing touch.

Psycho Dave

To bad that the gear knobs has the wrong logo. That Saab logo came during summer 2000 and on these old cars it should be the Saab-Scania logo.

Angelo V.

That’s an interesting point.


I thought the same thing – how could they but the age-inappropriate logo on the shifter? I’d consider one if it were the proper badge.


Maybe they need a license from Scania, and Scania is saying “No!” to anything to do with Saab cars. Just a thought.

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