The ‘Impossible’ made Possible – Unique Saabs road legal in Sweden

READY FOR TAKEOFF! Michel Annink 1.6t Aero, Markus Lafrentz 2.0T Aero XWD and Jörgen Carlsson Vector TTiD4.
Picture: Saab Car Museum


The Saab enthusiast Jögen Carlsson from Bor (a small town in Sweden, Småland), bought his NG9-5 SportCombi Vector TTiD4 on the KVD auction in December the 16th, 2012. The 10th of April 2014 turned out to be a day full of joy, the wagon passed the car registration and is now road legal in Sweden, nearly 16 months after the purchase. Markus Lafrentz and Michèl Annink was present with their SportCombi’s to support Jörgen Carlsson during the registration of his Vector.


Jörgen Carlsson was relieved when he received the written evidence that his unique Saab is now road legal. But the journey has been anything but easy. After the Saab enthusiasts Jörgen Carlsson and Michel Annink acquired their dream cars, the nightmare began to get their vehicles road legal. They both realized that it would be hard to get the cars registered since they never got the chance to get a so-called whole-vehicle approval before Saabs bankruptcy  Despite the positive attitude to the text ‘Sold At Bankruptcy Auction 2012 SAAB Collectible. Not allowed to be used in traffic ‘,
it turned out that the procedure to get the cars approved was rather complicated.

Despite the positive feedback and support from the Saab community and enthusiasts , they came to a grinding halt with the Swedish authorities. The Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) in Sweden was not accommodating. Authorities referred to the regulations: ‘-Test cars are not allowed to be registered for use on public roads’.

‘Even though the message itself (i.e. it would be impossible to get it on the road again) was repeated all over the media, it sounded strange to me. Why would it be impossible to get one of the world’s technologically advanced and safest cars refused that privilege?’ – Michel Annink

 A long quest to find a solution to get this unique car road-legal in Sweden had finally resulted in a positive result. Like it’s twin (at least from the perspective of the last two digits in the VIN) YS3GP5MG9C4000017, Jörgen’s car got permanently registered in Germany first before receiving its approval in Sweden. This now takes the number of 2012 SCs on Swedish plates to two (the story about the first one can be found here).


My own personal opinion to this amazing story: To me, it’s a huge relief that the swedish authorities finally had common sense to approve these cars. And I want to salute the owners who fought so hard to get these cars road legal. You made the ‘ impossible ‘ possible once again, and I am pleased to see your passion for SAAB.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Saab is so much more than ‘just a car’..

Saab is love, a passion, a lifestyle, and no one can ever take it away from us.


And, obviously, it is proved once again that the impossible is not so impossible.
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Congratulations Jögen!

900 classic cab

Congratulations everyone. I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to have such a nice looking combi without being able to drive it.


These cars look amazing and being so rare (27 remaining) Well worth the effort!


Very nice to hear! 🙂 I actually sat in a 2012 9-5 SportCombi back in 2011 and I believe it would have sold very well in Sweden had it gone on sale…


What an awesome effort. Supercars and super guys, Congratulaitons to all of you.

Angelo V.

Here’s hoping that some manufacturer can eventually buy the rights to stamp the 9-4 combi, maybe in China, and export it to the U.S. It’ll be an old model by then, but this sheet metal will look good forever.


Congratulation. Transportstyrelsen must be one of the most conservative authorities in Sweden. Seldom or never, you will get a straight reply from them. I understand which tremendous work you must have done.

Jonny D

Congratulations to all involved. I’d love a NG 9-5 1.6T

Peter Gilbert

Congratulations. I finally understand why the European Combi had a different rear tailgate and bumper that the US version with a more pronounced separate bumper. We had a brutal winter here in American and I still have my snow tires on my 2007 9-5 Combi. With all the snow I was constantly remove the accumulation from the bumper. With the NG Combi in Europe the snow would just fallen off. At this point I would have been happy with either version,


Nice to see that perseverance paid off.

By the way, do any of the 27 remaining SCs have the NA rear tailgate/bumper?


That is so cool. Love it. Great job to make it happen. Be safe out there and hope it never gets damaged.

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