The Twin Pipes are on…..

I’ve been smiling quite a lot the last few days, why? because a very large box arrived from and in it was a Hirsch Twin Exhaust system.

Ever since Trond chatted about his Dual Exhaust System I’ve been looking forward to finally getting a set  for my 9-5 Anniversary Wagon.

I didn’t have to wait too long for the package to arrive and then it was off to chat to Jerry at Astley Saab to arrange the fitting.
I remember Tim fitting a set to his 9-5 a while ago and knew it could be done at home but I didn’t fancy lying on the floor.

Ace Mechanic Mike on the other hand has a lift and having the car at eye level was a lot simpler and took less than 45 minutes to complete.
First thing was to get the old system off which came away from the joint quite easily considering it had done over 178,000 miles , a bit of WD40 and a few wiggles and it was on the ground. Next the back lower bumper panel came off and then time for the new pipes.
The extra hanging plate for the second box was first and this is a very clever idea, well thought out and fitted very quickly. The Y piece of exhaust first, he made it look so simple, then the right hand side before attaching the left hand side. An extra pair of hands belonging to Nigel then came into play to make sure the new boxes were level and symmetrical.
Mike then tighten all the new bolts and lastly put on the new panel with the cut outs already in place.

What a difference the back of the car looks now, very special indeed.

I want to say a very big thank you to Jerry, Mike and Nigel,  for finding the time to change the appearance of my Saab and I love it. If you are ever in the area, drop by and have a chat, always friendly and willing to give advice to Saab drivers of both modern and vintage models.

Also to Till and his gang at CardYourCar for getting my exhausts to me at such great speed.
If you too fancy this exhaust on your 9-5 then please check out the cardyourcar website, they did have a few left when I ordered mine and look superb on the car.

A few more pictures of the exhaust exchange can be found on my Flickr feed

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Looking good! See you on Swedish day! 🙂

David Dallimore

Now that does look good.
Is there much of a difference in sound, Robin?


There is a substantial difference in sound, its clean but powerful, at least on the biopower! =)


More engineered sound most other exhaust brands.


One thing that a lot of people miss out on when installing this exhaust system, you need to cut about 1 cm into the rear metall beam on the right hand side on top of where the exhaust is located. Otherwise the exhaust will be hanging down too much and if push upwards it will actually hit the metall beam causing both damage and unwanted sound.

If you look on the left hand side you’ll see that the beam is pre-cut from the factory


Looking very nice Robin! 😀


Will that add anything to the power output? Or is it just noisy?


I am interested in what is about to happen with the white 99 to be restored to the right in one of the pictures.

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