Today NEVS has opened their car delivery center

NEVS, according to their press release, has today opened their customer car delivery centre, and later the first NEVS Saab cars will be delivered to customers.

Nevs opens its new delivery center in Trollhättan,where customers get their new Saab delivered.

On 29 April, the first customers to pick up their Saab cars.

They will be greeted by Nevs management, a presentation of the company Nevs, see the factory and have the opportunity to visit the Saab Car Museum.

– For us it is important to have close and personal with customers. We want to create a long term relationship with our customers that begins when they get the keys to her new car. said Jonas Hernqvist, Nevs sales and marketing manager.

During the guided tour of the factory in Trollhattan, customers will see the manufacturing of the cars and meet the employees who built the cars.

At Saab Car Museum’s entire history behind the car brand Saab is preserved, from the first Ur-Saab and all world firsts throughout the years until today.

Sorry, for the rough Google-translation.

SaabsUnited will be there to get the impressions of those first customers.

1 thought on “Today NEVS has opened their car delivery center”

  1. Fine and well if you drive on the right!
    But at least another step in the right direction. I remember the Roots factory letting customers collect their cars from the production line in the ’70’s.
    Just wish it could be me!

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