New Saabs have arrived at Dutch dealerships

As reported earlier here on SaabsUnited, 6 new Saab 9-3 Aero’s were on their way to Saab dealerships in the Netherlands. Yesterday the Saabs arrived and they are now proudly parked in the Saab showrooms. If you’re in the neighbourhoud of Saab Arnhem, Saab Apeldoorn, Saab Utrecht or Driessen Saab, be sure to have a look.

Photo by Saab Arnhem
Photo by Saab Arnhem
Photo by Saab Apeldoorn
Photo by Saab Apeldoorn
Photo by Menno Herstel
Photo by Menno Herstel

13 thoughts on “New Saabs have arrived at Dutch dealerships”

  1. Kudos to Ruud Blokhuis for taking the entrepreneurial risk!

    Hope the cars will be sold in the next weeks! Hopefully production starts asap and former SAAB Dealers will do the same!

  2. It’s really interesting, some of 9-3Ns have the later Ice-block design and some have the earlier Darth Vader design headlamps. Is NEVS still using existing / old stock for building these cars?

    • I also find it incredibly ironic—-the juxtaposition of these pieces of news coming during the same week: New Saabs being exported to Dutch dealerships while the project now seems to be on life support.

      • Was thinking the same – well – I don’t want to panic – but it isn’t trustworthy when an automobile manufacturer is changing specs of a new car depending on “while stock lasts”.
        The first 9-3N also had the old lamps, the swedish test fleet as well. Maybe we will see the 9-3N with the Darth Vader bumpers when they ran out of Griffin bumpers…

    • With all the recent ignition news I fail to understand why GM never adopted Saab’s ignition setup? Someone at GM must have asked the question “why does Saab but it there – is it safer?” If GM kept Saab as a crash and safety “Center of Excellence” and only allowed Saab only 1 platform it still would have paid off for GM – just maybe not in total sales figures. At least GM did manage to adopt XWD, HiPer strut, and turbocharging to name a few. Oh well, water under the bridge.

      • Good point. A little of the Saab safety bleeding over to the other divisions would save them millions in recall notices and lawsuits.

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