Celebrating the women in Saab Rally and Racing

Ramona Karlsson in a WRC rally car
Ramona Karlsson in a WRC rally car
Ramona Karlsson in the Saab 9-3 RallyCross RX
Ramona Karlsson in the Saab 9-3 RallyCross RX

There are just now two great Saab drivers who has made their way into the motorsport that has been dominated by men.

First out is Ramona Karlsson who is driving in the highest class in the FIA Rallycross FX series in a Saab 9-3. The team is organized by Per Eklund who for most younger Saab enthusiast is most known for the record drive up on Pikes Peak CO. USA some years ago with a Saab 9-3 Viggen in Laser red with big wings and spoilers front and back. Per has a few NG 9-3 XWD cars with Trollspeed of Trollhättan engines and pumping out 500-700 bhp depending on the setup. Ramona is now prepared for her first BIG Rallycross race in Portugal. See movie from her preparations, The music in the video is just as swedish as Ramona and her car, it is AVICII. Click HERE! Ramona Karlsson RallyCross

Latest news from Portugal is that Ramona in her premiere came in 6th in SemiFinal 2 scoring 8 points in the overall scoring . Petter Solberg told the press that “That girl can really drive a rallycross car” that is said by a super driver so lets hope that Ramona will be the rising star in RallyCross.

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New Saabs coming to the Netherlands soon

“Saab is still very much appreciated in the Netherlands.” A fact Dutch Saab entrepreneur Ruud Blokhuis can happily conclude after many positive reactions following his cooperative initiative with the Dutch Driessen Autogroup importing new Saab 9-3 Sport Sedan Aero’s to the Netherlands. As reported earlier here on SaabsUnited, Ruud Blokuis (Saab Utrecht, Saab Arnhem and Saab Apeldoorn) and Driessen Autogroup, both running Saab Service Centres, aim for a positive impulse to the Saab experience in the Netherlands. And they already partly succeeded in that by ordering 6 new Saabs 9-3 Sport Sedan Aero 2014 to present them in their showrooms and assist interested customers in buying one.

The initiators expect to show the new Saabs in their showrooms at the end of May at the latest. When they receive specific requests from their customers they will take action in ordering more Saabs. So far, they have not yet received any reaction from NEVS on their initiative. Based on the many positive reactions the Saab Service Centres already receive from Saab enthusiasts on a daily basis, one can expect a good beginning in bringing Saab back to the Dutch Saab market. Hopefully more former Saab dealers can follow this inspiring initiative, and by doing so, let NEVS know there certainly is an interest from these markets themselves in the return of Saab.



SOTW, Norwegian Erlend’s 9-5

Good evening Robin!

Spent the last two days doing the spring shine. The last few days have offered fantastic weather here on the west coast of Norway. I felt really happy with the result and wanted to share with you and SOTW.
It’s my MY06 9-5 2.0t with Hirsch- grille, roof spoiler, 18″ wheels and dual exhaust.
It has also just turned 100,000 miles, 160k km.

Thanks to you and your companions for your effort on SAABSUNITED.

A very big thank you to Erlend Fikse for sending in a couple of pictures of his fine Saab 9-5.
Larger versions can be found here.

Restoration of a Classic: 99 Turbo 4-door sedan (Part 1)

99 Turbo 4 DWhen I picked up the car in 2012, in really bad condition as seen.

SaabCars is now selling a 4-door Turbo Sedan model of the 9-3 generation II on the swedish market. Saab Automobile production came to an end with the 4-door sedan of the 9-5 generation II. But when did Saab start to sell their very first 4-door sedan with turbo powered engine? For those of You who know Your history books that was with the 900 Turbo sedan in 1981. Well not quite so. There where a few 99 Turbos with rear passenger doors. And that was 4 years earlier. Here is the story and the restoration program. A restoration that You can follow here on SaabsUnited. Hopefully some of you get the inspiration to do something similar to save an old Saab.

bild 2Some of You have most probably read my prevoious postings on Saab History and classic Saabs. You might recall the Saab 99 Turbo Rally cars I have built and competed with over the last years. Also my recreation of the Pearl white 99 Turbo replica, the very first 99 Turbo from the 1977 Inteational Frankfurt Auto Saloon. That car is now under construction/restoration.

One and a half year ago I found a super rare 99 Turbo and to my surprise it was a 4 door saloon. I was at first somewhat reluctant if this was a true 4 door. Saab has never sold the 99 Turbo in that configuration just 2 door sedan and CombiCoupe (Wagonback).

I picked up the car in southern Swedish province of Skåne. Then I drove way up north to find a not so rusty donor car, since some parts on the turbo where really rusted out and had damage from a collision.

What one of the other 9 4 door cars did look like picture taken from a Saab 99 Turbo sales brochure from 1978.

Now I have again started a historical research that has been part of all my car renovations since I always do unusual and spectacular cars. This car was not different in that respect. It was Test vehicle no. 970 in the One-hundred series. Test fleet vehicles that Sab built before the offical launch of the 99 Turbo CC in 1978. Through a good friend who was a manager at Saab-Scania both in Sweden and The US in the heydays, we started a collaborative work to make the registry of the alluring 100 cars as complete as possible.

We still work on that list. What we know just about nothing about is the cars sent to europe (EU) excluding Sweden. The 100 cars whare sent to the US, Sweden and rest of europe. Of the 4 doors 10 where made and 5 has survived only one in traffic. The one rolling has been modified extensively, has a history as a track-racer, tuned 16V engine and a Airflowkit registration plates GEM943.

April 2014 / Part 1

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