Saab Swedish sales data January April 2014

It is a long time since the last post in the category ssd (Saab Sales Data), but at last I’m once again able to report about new registered Saab cars.

You may say, that I could have started in January, as NEVS already appeared in the statistics back then with 5 cars, but those where registered for a company, and you will be right if you assume that that com pay was NEVS.

So the Numbers for the first moths are as follow

  • January 5
  • February 15
  • March 6
  • April 47
  • Total 73

Six of those 73 cars have been registered to a private persons. So I would say that NEVS has delivered 6 cars in April. Among the other 67 cars 50 of them have been delivered to Saab dealers as test cars, and as Tim told after his visit to his local dealer in Växjö, the interest in those cars is big. I would say that the remaining 17 cars are either company cars for the NEVS management (imagine them driving Audi or Volvo) or test cars as you where able to test drive the 9-3N from february in Trollhättan.

The figures aren’t impressive, but as long s they keep increasing over time, they can be seen as a first step in a long journey.

16 thoughts on “Saab Swedish sales data January April 2014”

  1. It is very exciting that we can start counting registration numbers again 🙂
    However, remember that most cars sold in Sweden in this price range are purchased or leased by a company as a benefit for one of their employees.
    Sales to private persons will constitute only a small portion of the total sales.

  2. Fantastic news! So long as there are more 9-3s on the roads, it will contribute to its exposure and awareness as a whole that the brand is indeed alive and well. Observed that there is a dip in registration on the month of March with just 6 units and then a huge spike up for April.


  3. It would appear that most of these cars are not sales but NEVS “self registrations” no criticism intended, but the title of the piece is a little misleading, an interview with one of the actual people who have purchased a car would be a nice thing to see?

    • Grumpy,
      I always called it sales data, although I know in Sweden you only get the registration numbers.
      I have indeed explained that only 6 are really sold to privater persons, so I don’t know what is misleading in this article!!!

  4. Like I said Red i did not intend a criticism and my apologies if it came across as such, but if you had used the term Swedish registration data in the title, that would have been a accurate reflection of the information contained, I know I sound like pedant, but even on this tiny scale it would be better to be more precise with the information presented, bearing in mind the torrent of misinformation that used to come out of both Spyker and the Swedish press.

  5. That is interesting… but we must keep in mind that what sells in Scandinavia is 9-3 Sports Combi and 9-3X – and the preferred fuel is Diesel (TTiD/TiD) and in Sweden E85 (Biorthanol). It is a bit like the story with Spyker and the 9-5 Sports Combi – the Car that was the darling everybody wanted to have. And Spyker got the news out that a <119 g CO2 / km was on the way in 9-3 – and many buyers was going into wait mode. So, let us seen the numbers when these cars are back in business.

    And the EV – which sounds like the first electric car that I could see a purpose for… but if it is a Combi, only.

    If you owned a Combi once, you will never buy a Sedan.

    • I like the utility of my wagon (combi) but I like the styling of a sedan. Fortunately, Saab has styled some beautiful combis over the years—-though a properly designed hatch gives you a good share of both benefits—-beautiful looks and at least some of the combi utility. I always looked at my 9-5 wagon purchase as what was best for me and for my family, space and function for our benefit—-while the timeless design of the 9-5 sedan would have been for the benefit of other drivers on the road, something wonderful to look at.

      • I’ve always lieder the looks of the combi but the driving experience of a sedan. Hatchbacks and wagons tend to be loud and boomy and flex
        More than sedans. But all that extra bracing blocks cargo in the sedan. Oh well. Ideally I would own both I guess.

  6. 73 cars in 4 monhs from a big plant with many employees and multi-national owners. If they were making anything but SAABs this would be a money laundering operation.

    • 73 is the number of registered cars in Sweden, not the number of produced cars. They are going at a production rate of 6 vehicles per day for quite some time already, so they would produce 73 cars in less than 2 weeks. For sure the number of produced cars is very small compared to the scale of the plant, but it is far bigger than 73.

      • But they started at 3 cars per week, and NEVS is telling people that they already build those 120 EV’s that will be sent to China. So registration and production numbers match quite well imho.

        • Weren’t the EVs supposed to be 200?
          So are the EVs counted into those 6 cars per day? I’m asking because the initial information was that they are building them out of the production line and that made me think that the EV building and the production increase are two separate things. But if you count them in, you’re right, the numbers match quite well.

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