SAABSTANCE Singapore’s 10th Anniversary.

This week we received a great file of photographs from the guys and girls at Singapore’s SaabStance club.
Below, Abel, tells us of the great day they had.

SAABSTANCE Singapore is at its 10th year anniversary mark and this May 01 also the date of the annual SAABSTANCE photo shoot. It is an annual affair whereby we met bright and early at 0715hrs to form up for an expressway convoy drive towards our breakfast destination at Adam Road Hawker Centre. (0800hrs). After a hearty breakfast, we then proceeded to form up for another convoy to our photo shoot location. It is a good time for all SAAB owners to bring along their families on this May Day [of which it is a PUBLIC HOLIDAY as it is Labour Day in Singapore] for a day out of community bonding and pilot camaraderie. There are many SAAB owners here that have joined us back when they were Single, till they are married and to today with their children along as well. Their dedication to the SAAB brand is a testament to the SAAB spirit over the years. Many of the owners here are driving their second, third, fourth and even two of us here [Dennis Leu with his Laser Red SAAB 9-3SC and myself Snow Silver 9-3 AERO SJG 360 E] are on our FIFTH SAABS already.

FYI, Brand new SAAB 9-3 retails for approx SGD $140,000 here back in the day which equates to USD $112,000 for a LINEAR model and upwards for an AERO or even a Convertible. We have perhaps one of the most insane price levels for cars globally I believe due to taxation and also the government imposing a 10 year CERTIFICATE OF ENTITLEMENT [better known as COE here in Singapore] that gives a vehicle a useful life of strictly 10 years and that current premium is at approx $75,000SGD before even factoring in the cost of the car. So it is basically the car cost + COE that gives us this ridiculous sum for a SAAB here. We can extend the life of the car after 10 years through paying another COE cycle of 10 years again.

This has not deterred the many SAAB aficionados here and we have still quite a substantial number of mint conditioned SAABs here plying the roads.

Feel free to ask me for more information or any featured ride that caught your eye for future articles.

Warmest Regards,
[email protected]

Please visit my Flickr page to see the rest of these great photographs.

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Beautiful photos of remarkably well maintained cars. I hope NEVS Saabs will be available to you in the future.

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