SOTW 16.05.14 George’s White Vert

Hi Robin,
I would just like to share with you photos of my 2009 9-3 TiD convertible which I just got back today after it was in my local Saab service centre for the hood to undergo “renovo” treatment. They have done a great job and the roof is now back to its former shade of blue, decided to get a full valet done as well…and to top it all, took advantage of the 10 day free trial of the Hirsch upgrade.
I hope you will consider it as a possible contender for SOTW sometime in the future…

Kind regards,

George McGuinness

Myself and my brother have been customers at the same dealer for 11 years now, since we became Saab devotees in May 2003, having purchased  6 vehicles from them in that time, 2 of which we still have, the 9-3 convertible and one of the last built new 9-5s.

They were previously known as…initially South West Saab, then became County Saab (which they were when we first became customers, an independent company with sites in Ayr, Inverness & Milton Keynes) and then Park’s Saab (Parks Motor Group is a large operator with several sites throughout the west of Scotland). The site (in Ayr) is now a Honda dealer but is also one of the authorised UK Saab service centres…great to see that they still have the Park’s Saab sign displayed on the premises (albeit in a less prominent position since having become a Honda dealership). During their time, they also won several Saab dealer of the year awards.

Have always had and still do have a great relationship with them…it’s the kind of place that just makes the customer feel at ease and there was never any of the cliched pushy sales techniques, just great service and a really friendly atmosphere…they’ve managed to retain this since having been bought over by the Park’s group, which is mainly down to the people who work there, they even used to give you home baking with your tea/coffee while waiting for the car if it was in for any servicing etc!

Anyway, sorry for the lengthy note, got a bit carried away there, hope I’ve not bored you too much.

PS, love the site and the fact it’s updated so regularly… keep up the great work.
Pictures were taken outside Kilmarnock Football Club(my home town) in Scotland.


Please check out the flickr link for extra shots of Georges beautiful convertible 9-3.

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Wow, that is a very beautiful car!

Troels, Denmark



Lovely looking car

Patrik H


Brian Hamilton

The roof looks black to me. I guess it must be blue though. Why would you waste good colour film on a black and whit SAAB?
Seriously though, it’s really lovely, and I’m very envious.

George McGuinness

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all your kind comments…Brian, the roof does look black in certain light, but was even harder to tell sometimes before the renovation was done, was a dull day when the photo was taken. The blue & white is quite a stunning combination, just difficult trying to keep it clean.

Brian Hamilton

Hi George, I just picked up a 2005 convertible for a friend who lives interstate. Silver with dark grey interior. I wanted to clean it up for him before he saw it, and the roof needed a good clean. I searched for the best way to clean it, and I found a post somewhere that suggested Milton’s Disinfectant (The baby stuff). I used it diluted, one and a half capfuls to 10 litres of water, brushed it on, left it for 10 minutes and hosed it off. It came up like new. I was a bit concerned about it bleaching,… Read more »

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