SOTW Classic Convertible from New Zealand

This weeks SOTW comes from a very sunny New Zealand.

Hi Robin

The garage is now full of Saabs but I couldn’t resist buying this 1989 900 T Cabriolet.   It had been stored for the last few years and was in a museum before then.   25 years old and only 43,000 miles.  When we cleaned up the car the paintwork came up like new.    Hans my mechanic sorted out the transmission and a few other things.   It’s the full pressure turbo.  Amazing that a car this old handles so well.   We plan look after this car carefully for many years to come.


Larger pictures can be found on my flickr page.

8 thoughts on “SOTW Classic Convertible from New Zealand”

  1. Hi Phillip. Congratulations ! I like really the color combination. It looks like new. What a beauty ! I just hope I’ll find my classic 900 CV in the near future…

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