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David Dallimore

Just to say what a great weekend it was. Many thanks to Robin and Alex for taking the time and effort to put this together. The great success of the event is all down to them and of course, the Swedish cars that attended.
So again. much appreciated.


Enjoyed these pictures, Robin.
Nice cars , people and also the weather seemed to have been nice.

Martin T16s

I have to whole heartedly agree with David. This was an exceptional achievement by both Robin and Alex but also their respective families whose obvious contributions did not go unnoticed. Azzy you were a star! One has to bear in mind that both Robin and Alex organised this fantastic event at a new location whilst conducting their everyday lives of running a family and working their usual jobs. The commitment that went into making it a very successful event most certainly paid off. An additional thank you must also go to Ettiene who unfortunately could not eventually make the event.… Read more »


Great event and brilliant venue! Hats off to South West Saab! 🙂

David Dallimore

Correction Tony. Hats off to the entire organising team of Robin, Azzy and Alex.
It’s quite surprising that only three people managed to put on such a great show. Again well done all three of you.


GM recalls? I don’t see any Saabs listed. Do Saabs share any of the GM recalled parts, like the taillamp harness?

David Dallimore

“GM recalls? I don’t see any Saabs listed. Do Saabs share any of the GM recalled parts, like the taillamp harness?”

Yoiu don’t see any SAABs? If you look closely you might spot a few in the video. 😉


Thank you David, Martin, and Tony. Your very kind words and support during the day, and in fact the whole weekend is much appreciated – it makes all the effort worthwhile 🙂 Azzy and I made a great team, my thanks go to her for all her hard work, and of course Robin who puts more effort in than you can imagine, especially in the lead up to the event. We must not forget Richard who helped with the parking – well done to him 🙂 If you didn’t get a chance to take a photo of your car’s by… Read more »


Yes, an excellent event & a great location – all the staff at the Mill really friendly & helpful, but, most of all, thanks to Robin & Alex & everyone else who helped make this such a good event – ‘already booked a room for next year!

Mark & Carol

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