YouTube: SAAB Performance Team practising…

saabperformanceWe all know SAAB Performance Team and their amazing driving skills.
This time I found a nice video on YouTube, and for all of you hoping they was practising with the NEVS 2014 9-3 Aero I’m sad to say, it isn’t from this year… Actually it’s taken during some practising with the GM900 coupe in Billund, Denmark back in 1996! The video is partly taken inside the car, and I have to say, the driving it’s even more impressive viewed from inside the car! As you will see in the end of the clip, things wasn’t ending just as planed…

Enjoy this fantastic clip!

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Fantastic stock footage epitomizing a better era. To me this were the heydays of Saab. NG900 made me an obsessed saab fan. I’ve still got the same coupe in my garage and it’s the perfect car to me to this day.
These cars represented not only a quintet of fresh, great beauties but also some 120,000 euros that were put on the playground. 🙂 The Saab Performance Team were epic.

900 classic cab


Henrik B.

I’m happy, that my old video is still usefull! 😉 The Performance Team actually vrecked the one car on the first trial attempt to jump the ramps. The speed was too high, so the oil drain plug was broken of, and the oil ran out. I had to step in, and drive one 900, bumper to bumper, to push the broken 900 to the hangar!! Cheers! P.S.: I also have footage from back in the 80′, from the Saab Festival in Trollhättan, where the Performance Team used Saab 9000. And Erik Carlsson ran over at piece of metal, which punctured… Read more »


The most important above all is that it wasn’t made for just the show and excitement.
The fact these stunts and tests were regularly conducted really shows Saab’s serious intentions, efforts and professionalism – specifically in putting down real safety on the road – among many other aspects ofcourse. Admirable.
I feel privileged to still daily drive two examples, engineered in this era and sentiment.


This is exactly the car I once had, but mine was Scarabaeus Green. My first car purchased brand spanking new, collected at the factory in Trollhättan. Great solid Car and engine, however, dynamics were front heavy and heavily understeering. But that does not seem to stop these guys, great show!

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