7 thoughts on “27 minutes of buff-n-shine Saabs at Meeting in Örebro”

  1. pre dame edna 9-5 is ageing well, pity it never got a single piece headlight as the indicator units really ruin it from the front.

  2. For those of You who want to know what hardware I use for the film.
    – Sony a99 and Sony CarlZeiss 24-70 f2.8
    – Sony CLM-V55 Video screen
    – Røde StereoVideoMic Pro
    – Kessler Pocket Dolly v.2 Slider
    – Manfrotto 055 Carbon fiber tripod
    – Manfrotto VideoHead MVH502AH Fluid head
    – Sirui Level-base

    And a steady swede to control it all!

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